The Empties Edit #2

April 13, 2014 8 COMMENT(S)

Truthfully, I'm surprised I managed to finish so many products in such short notice and because my last empties post was so popular, I thought I'd do another one. This post is full with my personal favourites, and I'd repurchase these in a heartbeat.

Expect The Unexpected


I know I've been dropping hints that I'm shaking up things here at 9 out of ten a bit. Nothing too crazy, but layout out wise I've been changing minor bits and content wise there will be some changes as well. I'm using this post as a round up to show you what you can expect to see on the blog the coming weeks.

Smells Like Green Tea

April 11, 2014 10 COMMENT(S)

I confess, I’m really sensitive to yuckie scents and odors, hence I’ve always got a room diffuser (NEOM and Ancienne Ambiance do great ones), I always open my windows as soon as I get home and I’ve got a selection of candles to amp it up. Soaps however, were never a product that I’d view as a room scent. I mean… It’s soap. Where Roger & Gallet’s soaps being one of the most luxurious and multi-functional packaged soaps I’ve ever bought, I decided to road test another functionality. And I can tell you the box is ticked.


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