Best. Gadget. Ever.

July 23, 2014 2 COMMENT(S)

When I was a little girl, my middle name used to be TV. Well, not really, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was. I was glued to the latter most of the day and you could spot me watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch or Saved By The Bell —Zach and Kelly 4Evah. However, over the years, I've spent less and less time behind the telly and more behind my laptop to catch up on shows and series. That was until I finally got the Google Chromecast. Everyone who doesn't own a Smart TV: go get one, now.

A Penny For Your Thoughts #14

July 21, 2014 4 COMMENT(S)

... and like Oscar Wilde once said "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken". We all are different, which makes us unique, as we have our own different personalities, talents and preferences. Be it in school, uni, work or blogging – don't compete, just be yourself and that's all that matters.

City Trip Essentials


When you read this I'll be either at the airport sipping my Americano, spending too much time (and money!) at Duty Free, boarding my plane... or I've arrived in sunny Lisbon! Over the years I've done quite a few city trips, which indirectly kinda makes me a city trip expert. Not really... But over the years I did fine-tune my packing skills, at least I think.

Jet Set Go

July 20, 2014 4 COMMENT(S)

Summer holidays have always been my fave, as it meant lounging all day with friends, barely doing anything and going on a (short) trip. Whilst that has been quite consistent over the years, this year it's a bit different as I'm an official postgrad now and am having a full schedule because of it. That being said, I'm finally going on my long awaited getaway, which'll be a short city trip to Lisbon, Portugal. Vamos!


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