July 6, 2012

Nail Talk: Models Own Neon Collection

Today I will be talking about Models Own's Neon Collection. I will be blunt here: I absolutely love the colors! Super bright and neon, seriously, they are so neon that the camera can't even capture its hotness! I like all colors except Tangerine Queen (second from left). I feel that it's a super strange and not flattering color at. all. It looks lovely in the bottle, but that's it.

The consistency of these polishes are quite thick, but very easy to apply. Also it's very opaque, and the color is very bright, almost hurting the eye bright. The finish is rather matte, which I think is lovely. The only down point of these polishes (for me) is that you get bubbles quite fast. So you have to be careful to wait until the first coat is semi-dry. I only had this with the pink polish. The other polishes apply like a gem!

My favorites are the bright neon pink, and the fluoro orange color (pictures below)! I'm actually wearing the two today! And the color in the picture does not do this polish any justice at all! In real it's really bright, I don't think there are any polishes that are as bright as Models Own's.

I've tried Nails. Inc's Neon Collection, lovely colors, but not impressed. These babies are way more pigmented, long lasting and most importantly, they are the real deal when talking about neon!

Left: Bubble Gum Right: Fluro' Orange

So have you tried Models Own nail polishes before, and which color is your fave?




  1. oh, those candies looks so sweet~!!! )
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    I will be happy to join it immediately~! )
    waiting for you in mine - hope we will be friends :)
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    1. aw, no problem hun! thank you for your lovely comment, it totally made my day: ) x


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