July 25, 2012

Primark A/W 2012

I do know weather has been kicking up in most Western European countries, including the Netherlands. You won't hear me complain, I love the sun, and am just bummed that I'm sitting in the office from 10 - 5. Anyways.

I've seen a few blogs, and sites lately with the new A/W 2012 collection of Prim›ark, and I have to say I pretty like the collection! Most of the time just can't find the right item there for me. I absolutely love their accessories, shoes and jewelry, but that's it. Their clothing just doesn't fit me somehow, or it's just not my style.

Well not this time, because I absolutely adore their A/W 2012 collection! It's great and totally my style! I'm a knit person, and I just love to cuddle with my sweaters. Don't get me wrong, I do love summer clothing as well, but I just find fall/winter clothing is much more comfy. It's so soft and makes me feel warm and cozy. Below I have a small selection of the products I think look nice, or I just like the picture itself ha-ha I'm silly I know! :-)

Yep you saw it right. They also have a jacket with the leather sleeves, yep your eyes are not kidding you, it's a replica version of the hyped up ZARA variant! I know I said that I want to get the leather ZARA jacket with studs, but this is just a deal I cannot miss!

I also am eyeing some knits, dresses and blouses, aren't they just amazing? It's perfectly in-between cute and rock-ish. Have read that the knits are a great deal, and that the quality isn't too bad.:-) Honestly, I'm liking their collection more, and more. This might even be one of my favorite A/W collections of this year!

What do you think of Primark's A/W 2012 collection?



  1. I did a post on this too!!
    Love Love Love their A/W Collection.
    Lots of maega cut blouses, jackets and shoesss!! :)
    Can't wait for it all hit stores, knew i loved the wintery months for a reason!

    Top blog <3



    1. ha, me too, and here my friends are saying I'm silly for loving winter collections! but thank you sweetie, I'll definitely check out your blog too! x

  2. Zitten echt leuke dingen tussen! Ik vind dat jasje met de leren mouwen ook erg gaaf!

    1. Ja hè! Ik kan niet wachten tot het eindelijk inde winkels is! : ) x


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