July 19, 2012

Review: MAC Mineralize Blush Supernova + Swatches

Today, blogging this live from the Apple Store in Hamburg, Germany! Well, I wrote the main body at home already, but am doing the editing and uploading here. The wifi at the hotel is way to expensive, €20 a day?! Anyways, it's my last day here and I'll drive back home in the evening. Will do an update and haul post soon!:-)

As you all might know, I was pretty excited for the new MAC collection (here). I still like Heavenly Creature, and I actually ordered 2 blushes (Supernova, Ring of Saturn) and 1 Mineralize Skin Finish (Starwonder). The lipsticks and lip glasses were not really appealing to me when I saw them. I was planning to get their scrub as well, but as I got the Origins Charcoal Mask, I thought I'd better save up the money for something else ha ha!

If you read my recent haul post (here), you'd see that I only included one blusher. That is because I returned the other two products. Not because I didn't like them, no in fact, they look gorgeous and I'd recommend both of them as there is not too much shimmer in them, so you won't look like a greasy, shiny disco ball in daylight. But, I just felt I wouldn't get much wear out of those two products.

I don't have anything against darker or bronzy colors, at all, but I normally don't wear those colors. I do use bronzer, Ioving NARS Laguna at the moment, but I don't use it that much that I feel like having those two extra, as I want to shop in Hamburg as well (and I spent a shit load of money on cosmetics/skincare this month already).

Finally moving on to the review of Supernova. I decided to keep this blusher as I really like how it looks in the pan, ridiculous reason, I know. But don't you agree? That neon pink, with a swirl of gold in it, it just looks super cool. The color is gorgeous as well!

Be cautious with this blush while applying, as you need to have a very, very light hand. If you apply it lightly, and tap off the excess powder, it looks like you have a healthy flush and a healthy glow. If you'd like the heavier look, I'd recommend you building it up, as it'd be a waste if you finished all the make up, and ruined it with over applying it.

As it is a Mineralize blush, it does contain little glittery particles, but they are very subtle, I find. I haven't worn any Mineralize products before, but compared to the other products in the line, this one is definitely one of the more subtle colors. And as the shimmer is not too much, it's perfect for day. The wear of the blusher is all right, it didn't disappear or something like that. But would not say that it's staying powder is immune for my combination skin as I did notice some fading, but not worse than any other powder blusher.

What do you think of this blusher, and have you picked up anything from 
MAC's Heavenly Creature collection?




  1. When I first saw this it scared me so much! Your swatch looks gorgeous though and I can see that if you used a light hand it could look really subtle. I may just have to go and have another look at it!
    Thanks for the post, Subscribed!
    I would love it if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think :)

    1. haha me too! but it was so pretty in the pan that I had to get it, and I don't regret it at all! let me know whether you picked it up or not and thank you for following dear! : ) x


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