July 3, 2012

To Buy or Not To Buy...

This time blogging live from the city centre! I'm with my mum at ZARA and browsing at the children and men section.

I really can't believe that their children section is ridiculously amazing?! I picked up a lovely blazer/cardigan type of thing from their children section - ssht, don't tell!

The reason why I'm writing this blog, is because I was wondering what you guys think of this hat.

My mum said I looked like an old grandpa - I know, she's sometimes so lovely NOT. But I was wondering what YOU GUYS think about it. Just be honest, I can handle it!:-)

Honestly, I never wear hats, sometimes a huge flaphat in summers, but thought this one looked pretty fun. And then again, I want a hat when I'm off to my city trip in Hamburg! I think with a huge white flap hat I'd be a bit out of place.

P.S. I know there is a proper term for this kind of hat, but I honestly forgot what it's called. :-')
P.P.S. Please don't mind my face in this shot, the sales women at ZARA was looking at me like I was craaaazy, so had to take one really quick ha ha.

Hat - ZARA €19,95

Do you think this hat suits me, and should I get it or not?




  1. I like this hat!! Depends on how you style it, it will be great to wear during the warmer months. I might go to Zara to check out this hat myself :P


    1. haha thanks liz! let me know whether you got it or not, would love to see it on you! :-) x

  2. Nice! Staat je leuk dus ik zeg DOEN :) x


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