August 30, 2012

Studded Burgundy Loafers

It's been a long time since I wrote a blog post, sorry for that guys. It just took me longer to settle in here, and it was way harder than I expected. The reason why I haven't wrote a post in such a long time, is because I didn't think you guys would like to read a sobbing post all about me. Also, the internet connection sucks, big time. Today's post won't be about me, or well… not directly;-)

I got some new kicks yesterday when I went shopping. I saw these gorgeous loafers at ZARA, and I just had to get them - they were only 29.95! PS. I just have my legs crossed over each other in the picture, so please don't think I have twisted feet ha ha! 

You have these in 3 colors, black with silver studs, beige/off-white with golden studs, and burgundy with golden studs. In the Netherlands I've only seen the black and beige/off-white ones, but as they were not in my size I couldn't get them - thank goodness! Otherwise I couldn't get these gorgeous burgundy loafers! It just looks very cool, and burgundy just happens to be this season's trend color;-) 

This was it for today's post, sorry it's so short, but I'm honestly too tired to write anything in-depth and long. The granny woke me up 3 times today. Once at 3 in the night, once at 5 in the morning, once at 9 in the morning. I don't know what she was doing in that time of the day, but all I heard were footsteps, cracking floors, moving things. At 9 she was even using the vacuum, goodbye sleep. -.- 

I'm going to Skype a bit with my parents, and then head to the centre… have honestly no clue where. Maybe I should visit a museum… Maybe I should! Will keep you updated dolls! 

What have you been doing these days?


August 28, 2012

A New City, A New Begin

So, as you might have noticed, I changed the total layout of my blog - again. I just love trying out new things, and love to play with photoshop a bit. I know, that must sound a bit geeky. It's the inner nerd in me that's talking now:-)

I have been very excited to finally put this new layout online, as I have finished it for a while now. Honestly, I'm quite content with it, and I think it kinda shows a part of me: girly without being childish.

As you all might know I moved to Paris! Today is my second day here. My parents and sister helped me move, well they brought me to Paris and then dropped all the suitcases, said hi to my landlord, and then we went into the city. The reason why I have been MIA these days is because I've been sobbing a bit. I shed a lot of tears yesterday when I brought my parents to the parking lot. It just hit me when we stood in front of the car. I only felt sad when we walked to the car, hadn't felt anything the entire day, and just when I looked at my sister we both started crying. When my parents saw we were shedding tears, we all had tears in our eyes and stood there all crying.

I walked around the block before I went to my apartment in order to not look like I cried and then went in. Started unpacking my big-ass two suitcases and when I was done, it was still early. I felt so lonely, as my roomy hadn't arrived yet (she'll only come Saturday) and I was just feeling so sad and alone that I just felt miserable - all by myself. It is my first time living abroad, and my first time living outside so besides I'm a sucker with goodbye's and just a freakin' ball of emotions, I just didn't know what to think.

Living there with the 80 year old granny is honestly, tiring (because I have to speak French all the time) and also quite boring honestly. I was sobbing and trying to calm down for a few hours, cooked, did some groceries, and then sat a bit behind the laptop. The more I was sitting there by  myself, looking on the web, the lonelier I felt, whereas I'd do the same if I was at home. Sitting behind the laptop for a while to look at tv shows or whatever. Thank goodness when I texted my friend who's doing her internship in Paris whether she could meet me after work, she texted me at the same time asking whether I could meet her. We met in the evening, and I honestly felt so much better talking to a person I knew.

This morning when I Skyped with my mum for the first time after I moved, I had tears in my eyes already - just without reason. After the 2 hour chat I grabbed something to eat and then went to the centre. Sitting in my room for an entire day, and not doing anything at all... That was not in my planning.

Scuzi for the long rambly (semi-sad/self-pitying) post! I might do an 'empties' post soon. Today I went to the French pharmacy (and another store to get some boring things + groceries). I've googled the pharmacy Lisa Eldrige has recommended in one of her videos - it took me like 35 minutes at least to get there, but it was totally worth it. I almost spend 2 hours in it, if it wasn't more;-) Will go to Les Halles to go shopping for an electronic water boiler thing (do you call it like that?) and definitely will drop by at Sephora!

PS. I'm aware that the menubar looks a bit funny as it isn't in sync, but I will change that tomorrow evening! I'm off to bed now, very tired!;-)

What do you think of the new layout?


August 26, 2012

NOTD #3 - Urban Decay Ziggy

I've been loving bright, and neon colors these days because well... it's summer! But at my goodbye party, my colleague was wearing a gorgeous metallic gray/black color with an amazing glittery topcoat on top. This woke the autumny me up, and I created this look.

In the picture above I'm wearing Catrice nail polish as a base in 330 Absolutely Chinchilly!.  It's a gorgeous grey, not too dark, and yet not to brown toned - I love it! On top I applied the Urban Decay polish in Ziggy, which is a fun glitter polish with golden, purple, and blue glitters in it.

I'd usually go for the Deborah Lippmann glitter polish in Happy Birthday when I want something glam. But since that one is packed in my suitcase, I couldn't use it. Although they are both glitter polished, they are so different! Happy Birthday has bigger pieces of glitter, better staying power, and has silver as a main glitter. Whereas Ziggy is a subtle, yet chic polish, it's base glitter is golden, small glitters, basically total opposites! I love them both nonetheless:-)

What have you been wearing on your nails?


To Ombre or Not To Ombre...

... well that is the question. I know the trend has been going on for a very long time, and secretly I have been dying to try it out for that entire period already. If it's done well, it's done well. And if it's done bad, well... then it's done bad. I'm not planning to do it myself, oh no, I will then go to a professional (French) hairdresser that knows English, and knows how to dye and cut.

I was intending to write a review today, but at the moment I'm just too tired, and can't really concentrate to write a good review. I apologise, I think I won't be able to finish my "to-write" list before I'll be moving to Paris. Because I WILL GO TOMORROW! Eeeek, I know!  I for some odd reason feel really miserable, sick, and my body is just aching everywhere. Might be nerves, I don't know, but I just felt like browsing through google for nice hair ideas :-)

To come back to the main reason I want to write this post, it's because I'm undecided. I'm pretty sure my parents would kill me if I came back with an ombre, but hey, I'm old enough to decide it myself aren't I;-) I'm not planning to have an ombre where an ombre is very obvi, like: bam, I have an ombre. Not that, that would be bad or ugly, I'm just not daring enough to try that on myself;-) No I'm more thinking about the ombre like Lauren Conrad, Lisa Aldrige, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel, and Rachel Bilson - an ombre, but with a nice transition, so the colors are "flowing" and "merging" into each other.  Still sophisticated, but yet stylish and chic. If that even makes sense...

Below some inspiration pictures of how I would like to have my hairstyle. If you hadn't noticed yet, my hair is boring straight, quite long, dark brown, did I mention boring? I think I have had the same hairstyle for over 4 years now, and it's time for a radical change.

Should I dye an ombre? 
If yes, please recommend a good Parisian hairdresser, ha! 


August 25, 2012

Help! Classic Pink or Fluoro Yellow?

A while ago I blogged about the Cambridge Satchel Company (CSC), and that I have been meaning to get one of their satchels for years! I started to research again and looked through the site and at many blogs for size references.

My bag I used to carry for uni is worn out, torn out, and just looking ridiculous because I didn't really look after it. Come on, it was a cheap-ish satchel from H&M that didn't cost more than €20. Now I'm ready to save up for a good, quality school bag, which looks stylish too. As I missed my opportunity to get the Tori Burch 797 Large Satchel, I almost gave up, but then ELLEUK reminded me again of this gorgeous satchel! 

I think I made up my mind to get a 13" one. Actually not, that's a lie. I'm still doubting about whether to get the 13" or 14", as I want to use it for uni. I'm not really planning to put many books in there or my laptop. And I think I could use the 13" as a clutch as well, what do you guys think? I'm 1.64 by the way.

On ASOS they only have nice colors in the sizes 11" and 15", so I started checking the regular colors at the CSC website. I fell in love with the Fluoro Yellow and the Classic Pink (image above). As I can't afford to get both, hate to be a student, I really don't know which color to get. This is where you dolls step in! :-)

Which color do you like best, and why?


August 24, 2012

Announcement: I'm a Guest Blogger!

Those that have read this post, will know that last Monday was my last day at my internship. They asked me if I wanted to be a beauty consultant while I'm abroad for them, and... whether I'd like to be their guest blogger.

Now their blog isn't the biggest one, or one that has gazillion people a day. But that doesn't matter, I just feel honoured that they asked me to. Now today I wrote my first post, and published it. Well, I actually wrote it a while ago, and handed it in to my boss. She approved it, and thought I have talent in writing. That totally came as a surprise to me, as I totally don't see writing as my strongest point. Actually I feel that I can improve on so many points in my writing style, techniques. Moving on. 

I wanted to tell you about it, as I felt my first blog post there would be interesting for you guys as well. I apologize in advance, the blog post is in Dutch (with a few English words) as it's for a Dutch company.  But you'd make me happy if you'd pop by and tell me what you think about it. Definitely my Dutch readers, I'd love to hear from you what you think about the writing style, and topic. If you're interested in these kind of posts, I could write them on my own blog as well.

The topic for my first blogpost is: Spotted on the runway: top 5 beauty trends A/W '12. You can read all about it here

What did you think of the blogpost, and would you like to see more of these?


Skincare Haul + Diptyque

I originally planned to not buy any skincare, or other items I could get in Paris, because I just didn't want to carry more luggage than was needed. But then there was an Alpha-H sale I couldn't resist (which I posted about recently), and there was a sale at ICI PARIS XL (1 product - 10% off, 2 products - 20% off, 3 or more products - 30% off). My Dutch readers will know this store, but I will explain it shortly for my non-Dutch/Belgium readers. It basically is a kind-of Sephora, but then less cool. It carries the basic skincare brands such as Chanel, Lancôme, Biotherm, La Mer, etc. they also have KENZOKI, which is a Japanese skincare brand. 

I love Japanese skincare and make up products (and then I mean you Shu Uemura) till death, and I think they are not only geniuses on the beauty part, but also in gadgets and other electronics. I got the Creamy-White Skin En-lightener for day and Cosmic Cosmetic Cream as night moisturizer of their "relax" range (the blue one). It has a slight perfumy scent, which is lovely, and not overbearing. Basically both products say to enlighten, and brighten the skin. Also it's a great moisturizing well... moisturiser and says to purify the skin. Not sure what that would mean... but I just love it. Have used the samples I got a while ago now, and was just put off by the price. But with this offer, I just had to get this set. My mum got some Estée Lauder skincare products, so we both got 30% off on each product. If you happen to run into a ICI PARIS XL store, I'd recommend you stopping by, ask for a sample of a product you've always wanted to try/buy. The sale is until the 9th of September. 

Coming back to my Alpha-H buy. I'm pretty sure it's obvious as you can read it from the picture, and it's I think their most well-known, and best-selling product - the Liquid Gold. I received this two days ago, and I have to say their shipping is quite fast. Only the box was filled with crumbled white paper, and that was it. No invoice, no card, nothing. If I didn't know I had bought this from beautyexpert, I wouldn't know it, their name was not even on the address label! Anyhow, I haven't opened the product yet. It's sealed with plastic, and I want to leave it this way, as I'm afraid something will happen with the product while moving. Will do a review on all three products, once I'm settled in my room in Paris.

The third, and last bit I want to highlight today is the Diptyque candle in Figuier, which is a fig-ish scent. I didn't buy this one myself, but received this as a good-bye gift from my boss at my internship. I know it shouldn't belong in this haul post, but I just had to share it with you guys how much I love it. Am doubting whether to bring it to me to Paris or not. Haven't lit it yet, because it's so precious to me. But just smelling it is divine, and gives a relaxing and calming feel.

What have you bought recently?


August 22, 2012

Review: Evian Facial Water Spray

I'm sure you guys have seen or heard from this spray before. I think this was in a lot of tabloids, magazines, websites a good few years ago. Did I follow the trend? Oh yes I did. I had these sprays in all sizes possible - one for the handbag, one "limited edition" medium sized one, and one huge one of 300 ml. Crazy, I know!

So, did this change my life while using this? I have to be blunt about this: it just didn't. Of course, it's great when you're in super hot and humid countries, and you want a boost to freshen up. It does the job, but so does normal water in a spritz, it just isn't worth the extra pennies. I've bought this because it was in a load of magazines and blogs (I'm a sucker for those things), so I gave it a try. I don't regret trying it, no not at all, thinking about it I just don't think it's worth spending the money on just mineral water. I mainly used up my Evian spray by using it after my mineral powder or I sprayed it on me while tanning, if it became too hot.

You must be wondering whether I'm totally against facial water sprays. Hell to the no. There are some really great facial mists in the market from like Avène, Caudalie, La Roche-Posay, Shu Uemura, REN, Clinique - you name it. They just don't have mineral water (like the ones we drink from), no their water either comes from a "special" place, has particular (healing) ingredients or it is depsea water. No clue what 'depsea water' is. But hey, it's from Shu, it's Japanese, and loads of raves in the blogger world, so it must be one hell of a spray;-)

If you're still interested to try facial mists, I'd recommend getting the smaller travel-size ones. This way you can try it, and if it doesn't suit your taste, then it won't break your heart if you won't use it.

Have you tried any facial mists before?


August 21, 2012

Review: Rimmel Kate Spring Lipstick #20

I apologise a gazillion times for the lack of posts recently! Uni here is just a huge mess, and driving me total cray-cray. You might recall that I did a review about another Rimmel Kate Spring Lipstick, in color 16 (you can read it here). I've been meaning to post this review for ages, but just didn't have the time, or I just forgot it sometimes. I'm sorry, but here it is!

Honestly, number 20 one is a tiny bit different than the lipstick in 16, maybe it's the color, or maybe just a slightly different formula. You must be wondering what I'm talking about. Well, the difference lies in the application and consistency of the lipstick itself. The lipstick in 20 (gosh, I hate lipsticks with just numbers) is way darker, brighter, and I would say opaque than 16. I haven't tried the other two in the collection, just because I didn't feel like getting the nude one, and I have a very similar red lipstick.

Continuing on the application. It applies like a gem, it is smooth, doesn't make flaky lips even flakier (as the 16 does that a bit), and quite moisturizing! It is a very, very opaque lipstick. I love this color even when I'm going to uni, shopping, or just even grocery shopping, but then I just pat the lipstick on my lips. If I were to apply it like you normally do, it's way to pink for me! Of course for those that are daring or used to bright colors on the lips, do give it a try, it's one of my favorite lipstick colors in my collection, and I do have a few good (and very expensive) high-end ones. ;-)

It's staying power? Well, it is still a drugstore lipstick, so don't expect to not having to retouch. If you won't eat or drink anything, it can pretty much hold up to 4/5 hours, maybe even more. But if you eat, or drink anything, it'll just be gone very soon. I just love the color so much, that touching up doesn't really bother me. I like to re-apply my lipstick after eating anyways.

swatched heavy in day light
 trying out some 'new' ways to swatch... let me know what you guys prefer!

lightly patted on the lips

applied full-on (one layer) in day light

applied full-on (one layer) in natural light

So would I recommend this lipstick? Oh hell yeah I do, it is a must-have color in every girl's lipstick collection! Right now there is still a sale going on at, and you can get this gem with 25% off here, and it's free shipping worldwide! Did I mention is my favorite online beauty shop - ever?

What do you think of this shade or would you consider getting it?


Packing, Cracking, and a Sad Goodbye

Yesterday was my last day of my internship. It was a sad and great day at the same time - my boss and colleagues are the best ever. Why? They tricked me to a diner party that I thought was for my fellow colleague who will take a maternity leave, and they tricked her saying they'd organise a surprise goodbye party for me. It was both the case, but we both were flabbergasted that they took us by surprise.

Honestly, I'm a quick one with these 'surprise' things. I catch up pretty soon, especially if we stay in the same office for the entire day. But this time… they got me. We started with a lovely boat tour through Amsterdam, and then my boss gave a toast. After her little speech, she gave both of us a customised beauty box. I was so surprised, honestly I didn't think I'd receive anything actually. But I love the thought, and the box was just such a nice extra gift.

As you see, the products were so huge that the box couldn't close! Inside were a Rahua shampoo & conditioner sachet, their shampoo is one of the best, and one of the most expensive ones. Also got a shampoo & conditioner set of Hermès (yes the freakin expensive French brand, that's most famous because of its Birkin and Kelly bag), a little ring with a black bow (the logo of the company), a KORRES facial soap, TONI&GUY Glamour Serum Drops. And maybe the most exciting thing in the box: my first Diptyque candle! 

I've told my boss that I've loved the Diptyque brand so much, and that I just couldn't justify the price. Can't believe that she got me one actually! She actually said that I was a present that fell from heaven, and that I've helped the company loads - I'm full of inspiration, ha!:-) So she said that it secretly was a bribe as well, and hopes that I'll return to the company once I'm finished with uni. It is so great and generous of her, and the entire team to welcome me back. 

Another exciting thing is that she actually offered me a freelance job basically. I will be their Beauty Consultant while being in Paris. Giving nice product and box ideas, brainstorming about brands and help them when they need beauty consults ha ha;-) Also, I will be a guest blogger on their corporate blog. You should definitely check that out! Won't be paid for it in cash, but in boxes - which I totally do not mind. I would've done it for nothing, but it's great that they offered me that!

I wasn't intending to write so much about my internship, but it's something exciting for me so had to share it with my lovely followers! As for the packing and cracking part… I have been packing since I'm awake today (9.30 am) and seriously, my head, back and arse ache so much from the sitting, folding and bending over. Jeez, and I'm still far from done. I think I actually packed enough clothing for a year! Well… but when I want to take some clothing out, I actually can't. Because I really need it (that's what I keep telling myself ha ha:-). 
Have stopped packing clothes, and now moving on to the packing beauty part - which is even harder. Gosh, I can't bring all, but I want to. The picture above is my current situation. I know it looks like a lot, it actually is a lot, but I don't think it's half of the stuff I want to bring with. Still have to bring skincare, brushes, lip balms, and powders and bronzers. Oh geez… Imma go now, and hope to gain some inspiration while packing. 

How have you spent your day? 


August 20, 2012

DIY - Stud Up Your All-Stars

So, as promised, I'm back with a regular blog post again! Thank goodness today is sunny, but with a cold breeze. That's so refreshing, and in this weather I can think clearer ha ha!:-)

Anyways, those that follow me on Instagram might have seen a picture of my vamped up All Stars, high-tops, Chuck Taylors, or whatever you want to call them. I have to say, I'm pretty stoked with the result, and quite proud with my achievement! So I thought I'd take you through the things I did for those that are interested in DIY's, and those that like everything with studs!

I ordered a pack of 100 at eBay for a prick (see end of post for link). They didn't cost me an arm, and the quality is quite good, and very easy to use! Of course I didn't use all 100 but better to have some spare right?:-)

1. Clean up your desk, or tidy up your workspace so you have the room to play around with it.
(optional: google to gain inspiration if you need some)
2. Grab your shoes and your studs.
3. Put one stud first and see how it fits. My studs are easy to put through fabric, so no need to create holes in advance.
4. Continue with your design. Be wild, be crazy, and creative! This is how the shoe will look from the inside. Be careful with these pointy end, try to fold them as much as possible so it won't scratch your foot.
(note: don't be afraid to try out things first. I think I relocated the studs on my shoes at least 3 times.)
5. You should be done by now. The only thing you need to do is to take time and be proud of yourself and your revamped shoes!

I'd recommend when starting with your second shoe to grab the first one too. So you can create a rather symmetrical design. Or a total different one, whatever is in your preference;-)

Go crazy, and enjoy DIY-ing!


August 19, 2012

Bloody Hot Sunday

Hi dolls, I swear I was going to write a blog post today, a damn nice one. But the heat in the Netherlands is just destroying. Seriously feel like I'm sweating buckets - yikes, not charming! It is ridiculous, and it's hot inside and out, have no clue where I can cool down. Even the pool is icky warm, and the fan blows warm wind, which doesn't help with cooling down at all. You must be wondering why I don't sit in front of the airco. Well, that is because I'm working at a restaurant, where there are no airco's.

This weekend has been rather crazy for me though. Had to work yesterday, yep on a Saturday, I will be the best intern they'll ever have:-D We (well... mainly I) organized a focus group meeting with a selection of our subscribers (of the beauty box), and we had a lovely chat and a great high-tea! It's amazing that I could meet up with my soul mates, women that know that RMS and REN are beauty brands, and not some kind of medical abbreviation!

And... the most crazy and exciting news of this weekend: I finally found an apartment in Paris! It is not something fancy or big, but it's almost in the 1st zone of Paris (and with almost I mean, you'll be there within 3 minutes by metro). The rent is not über cheap, but hey, it's bloody Paris! Will be staying at the same apartment as a lovely girl who'll be my partner in crime, and classmate for the coming 4 months. Did I mention that I'll be staying at a 80 year old granny's apartment? Yep, shocking! It is a nice way to practice mon français, non?

Anyhow, I wanted to let you guys now that I am not vanished from the earth... On the other hand, if you don't hear from you anymore, you know it is because of this sticky weather!;-)

What have you been doing this weekend?


August 17, 2012

Review: Benefit Bella Bamba + Swatches

Today's review is about the 4 B's. You must be wondering what the buck the 4 B's are. Well, it's Benefit's Box 'O Powder in Bella Bamba, tadaa! It was a bit long to write that every time, so the 4 B's it is. It was on my list to review this product for a long while already, because I love it so much. I got this blush during a Sephora sale... I think it was last year? I remember that it was just launched then, and the Benefit MUA was recommending this to me. Loved it, still love it, and need to share my love with you now. :-)

Benefit is fairly famous because of it's box blushes I'd say. Many bloggers blog about their Hoola bronzer, Coralista (need to get this one asap!), Dandelion, and of course Bella Bamba. Benefit describes the product as such:

"Amplify cheekbones and create the illusion of sculpted features with this 3D watermelon blush. Laced with shimmering gold undertones, bella bamba takes eye-popping pretty to the third'll never use traditional blush again!"

I'm not sure with the "amplify cheekbones" part, but I do know that it is a gorgeous watermelon pink, with subtle gold shimmer in it. As a combination skin type of gal (see: oily face) I tend to avoid shimmer like the plague! But this blusher is surprisingly not overly shimmering (it does look kinda scary in the box), and you don't look like a disco ball when applied over the cheeks. Well... not sure what they mean with 3D, as a person is basically 3D right? Oh well, if you know what they mean, let me know;-)

The MUA mentioned  that the blush is pressed in a way so it doesn't break or crumble, even when you drop it. I did that a load of times - it didn't break. Woohoo! Be aware, if you got the blush and there is a corner that isn't fully pressed, go back to the counter and exchange it. I had that, and in 2 days it was all crumbled, and had to exchange mine. Thank goodness it was just that one that was fabricated wrongly, because the one I have, is still intact!

To give you a better idea of the product color and how it looks on the skin, I added some pictures of me wearing it, and some classic swatches. By the way... did I already mention that this is my favorite blush, yet? And wait... did I say that it smells divine? Yes, I mean smell, as in fragrance. It smells very nice in the box, thou do not need to be afraid - you won't have smelly cheeks ;-) Enjoy!

Benefit Bella Bamba - Raves 'nd Ramblings
Yes, I hit pan. Kinda embarrassing picture, as the box looks worn out too. but I thought you'd really have to see the color in the box, and outside of the box. 

Benefit Bella Bamba - Raves 'nd Ramblings
Voila, the watermelon pink, it's not the most pigmented blush ever, but just in the middle range. I rubbed my finger a few time in the box to get this color - I know unhygienic, yikes. I promise I won't do that again, ever. The crazy things I do for you guys;-)

Benefit Bella Bamba - Raves 'nd Ramblings
Blended on my arm, it can be very light and wearable as you see.

Barely any make-up on (seriously, only the blusher, a bit of Vaseline, the tiniest bit of concealer, and eyebrow gel). Let's not talk about my hair... sigh. I like to wear this blush like I did in the picture. Not too heavy, but just enough so people see I have nice rosy cheeks.

Isn't it lovely? It is right? It's very build able, so if you like to have a subtle flush, it does the job. If you like a heavier look, just apply a bit more. If pink-pink blushes ain't your forté, then you'd better skip this one. I'd recommend trying Sugar Bomb (a mix of peach, pink, soft plum and rose) or Coralista (warm coral-pink) instead, these blushes are definitely on my Benefit wishlist (and a ton of other products too;-) and hope to be able to try (and purchase) them soon!

What do you think of this blush?


August 15, 2012

NOTD #2 - ModelsOwn Bubblegum

NOTD #2 - ModelsOwn Bubblegum - Raves 'nd Ramblings

So, the second NOTD in my blogging experience (which is almost nothing;-). I have to say... it is darn hard to make a nice picture where your nails, fingers, and the nail polish have to look good. I honestly need a crash course in making NOTD pictures. So until then, you have to bear with my lack of photography skills. Scusi:-)

The polish I'm wearing today is from ModelsOwn's Neon Collection in Bubblegum. For those that have been my follower/blog reader for a while will notice that I've featured their entire collection here already. But sun has been shining bright these days, and I thought why not feature this polish again. And you all know I have a weakness for pink - I mean, just take a look around my blog, ha!

NOTD #2 - ModelsOwn Bubblegum - Raves 'nd Ramblings

I tried to make a close-up, but that didn't really work out. I'm at the office right now, so only have my iPhone as camera. It couldn't focus on the 'detail' I had going on my nails. I'm exaggerating right now, but as you might, or might not, see is that it kinda looks like a french mani.

Well, it kinda is! I've been wearing a french mani for the past few days, and felt the need to change it. I just didn't feel like removing it, and thought why not just apply the pink polish on top of it, and this look was born! I quite like the look actually. Looks like I did a neon mani, but it was nothing like that - at all. I just applied 1 coat on all nails. This polish is so opaque, dries semi matte, and I just love it! The only downfall: I tend to get small bubbles when I apply the pink one. What I then do is grab a matte topcoat, apply it, let it dry and then apply a semi-glossy one, and the problem is gone:-)

What have you been wearing on your nails?



Alpha-H - Raves 'nd Ramblings

Okay, okay, I know that I just announced that I would do the post I wrote down these days yesterday. But this is just a deal that I cannot not share with you guys. It's just too good to be true: Alpha-H has 15% off, off all products! Read on, mate ;-)

Alpha-H is a cult Australian brand, with their best-seller 'Liquid Gold' they have ruled over the blog ravings for the past year, if it isn't longer. I have always wanted to try this product since Ruth recommended it. And then I mean hard core recommending all the products of Alpha-H, especially from their Liquid Gold line. The only thing that put me off was that it was so darn expensive. Last time I missed the Alpha-H sale on beauty expert, but I was just looking at my favorite make up/skincare webshops, and then this banner showed up. I just couldn't believe it.

I ordered the Alpha-H Liquid Gold without blinking my eyes. The timing couldn't be any better, as I just ran out of my Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Solution deluxe sample and wanted to try this one after. Seriously, I think luck is on my side again! I do hope that they ship the product before I leave for Paris, I need this in my life. I do hope it works for me the same as for others, but I will keep you posted!

And then I almost forgot to give you the link to the site, it's at beautyexpert, a British webshop. They have the most amazing range of skincare brands, they are great. It's just that my bank account doesn't agree on their pricing sometimes;-) If you hadn't noticed yet, it's for 48 hours only, so act fast to not miss this amazing offer!

Will you pick up some Alpha-H goodies?


August 14, 2012

Blog-date #2

For some odd reason, my first "blog-date" (blog update) is in my most popular posts... But that's not the reason why I'm having a second one. Nope, I just wanted to keep you guys posted. I have been very busy with work (it's my last week!) and the searching for housing of course. It's dreadful. I also still have to pump up my bike's tire. It's as flat as... well something flat:-) It makes cycling the part from and to the train station even more tiring.

Anyways, I made a little plan of what I'll be writing about the coming days. I think I'll post one every other day, but I try to post one daily. I don't want you guys to miss me too much ha ha;-)

Blog-date #2 - Raves 'nd Ramblings

I know I need to really work on my handwriting, but I just noted this down real quick:-) If you have any nice blog ideas, do tell! I'm always open to suggestions. Now I'm off to bed as I really am tired and need to wake up early tomorrow.

What post are you looking forward to read most?



August 13, 2012

Mani Monday...

...well, not really. I planned to do my first ever Mani Monday post on last Monday. I had a super cool Olympic design thought out, tried it, and even made pictures! I just didn't had the time to put them together in an image and well... make it look nice. And when I was working on it yesterday, I just realized that it was the Olympic closing ceremony already. So yeah... pretty stupid to have an Olympic inspired tutorial when it's not even the olympics anymore. Didn't have to time to create a new one on time, I'm sorry guys! I'll promise that next week's Mani Monday (actually the first one) will be great! At least I'll try to make the best out of it:-)

To fill up this white space, I just wanted to do a short update. I will be very busy with looking for apartments, packing, organizing things, administrative stuff, etc. All the great joy when moving and going abroad. The looking for apartment part is the most stressful and horrible part of all, wouldn't wish anyone to go through this.

Finding a normal space to stay in Paris (and then I mean Paris, and not "hey the apt. is near Disneyland, so I mention in my ad that's in Paris, Paris") is ridiculously hard. Have found a few promising ones, but unfortunately still undecided and very uncertain. Have I mentioned before that the renting is freakishly high? I'm thinking of writing a blogpost about going abroad, for those who are interested or are considering doing the same as I am now. That of course will be uploaded and written after I have settled myself of course, and when I'm a true moving expert ha-ha! B-)

Anyways, I'll stop rambling, and it's a wrap everybody (oh I love Mr. Jay from ANTM, can't believe he won't be in the next cycle!)

What have you been wearing on your nails?


August 12, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Hi guys, back with a semi-normal blog post. I'm so sorry to have tortured you with the two Tori Burch bag posts this week. I just had to get it out there and share it with you guys, I mean... My blog, my rules ha ha! For those that are interested (for those that aren't, just skip the first two paragraphs;-), when I wanted to get the 797 Satchel, it was sold out already, oh the joy of theoutnet - not. I was really sad and even got teary, ridiculous right?

As the Robinson tote is only sold on I don't want to order it. Why? Well, one: because it's a large sum of money, and two: it's an American company, so they ship from the States, which is totally logical. But as I live in Europe, there are some regulations that make me pay douane/duty fees which are a lot of money on a bag with that price. I ordered my Rebecca Minkoff mini M.A.C. from Revolve (kinda like shopbop) and had to pay €40/50 for customs! So yeah... I won't get a TB bag anytime soon, unless I'll go to the States myself (there are no TB retailers here).

To continue with the purpose of this post, a while ago I've been nominated for the Liebster Award a while ago. I'm sorry that it took me so long to write this one, but I have been quite busy with house hunting in Paris, and wanted to do some research before I wrote this one, as it's my first one. I'm super excited about this award, so thank you Dascha from DASH! for nominating me. :-) I wasn't really sure what the rules and regulations are, I still don't actually. So I hope I'm doing it the right way.

Liebster is a German word from origin and it means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute endearing and welcome person. So thank you for seeing me this way! The blog is given to upcoming bloggers that have less than 200 followers.

Below is the list of questions I had to answer. So off we go!

August 9, 2012

Fashion Dilemma!

Okay, remember my last post (yesterday) where I was über excited about my newest designer brand to add on my never ending list of "things to buy". Ringing a bell? Yep, I was talking about the lovely Robinson Double Zip Tote. You must be wondering where I'm going with this post, well, I don't know either honestly. But don't you have the feeling sometimes that you think that there is a God (or something else in the sky) that listens to you, and lets miraculous things happen? Well, that's what I felt when I received an email from this afternoon. Guess what the subject was: Tory Burch up to 60% off! Yep 60% - total CRAAAZY! Well, and I kinda went crazy too:-)

Have you seen their flats? They are so gorgeous! Luckily (yes, luckily) they didn't have my size in the pairs that I fancied, so thank goodness I didn't have to fork out €95/100 for a pair of ballet flats that look so comfy. And I think the leather must be super soft... Okay, focussing again.

Something that caught my eye's attention was of course a bag - I'm a crazy bag person if you hadn't noticed. Sadly it wasn't the Robinson Tote, no I think I love this one equally as much, if not more! It's the 797 Large Satchel. Not a Tote, which I love, but it has a strap, super soft leather, it's big enough, and it looks so chic! Did I say it has 50% off? I know right, total bargain!

But why am I still doubting whether to get it... Well I don't know either, but probably because it costs €320 (including shipping). Oh geez, I'm so in a dilemma. I love the bag loads, it looks great and I could use it for uni. Won't put much in it other than my make up bag, wallet, pen case, agenda and a notebook to take, well... notes. I showed it to my mum and asked her what I should do. She offered to pay the largest part, so that I only have to pay a fraction of the price. I know she's such an angel. Even my sister of 12 is saying I should get it, and yet I'm still doubting... Am I already cheating on my Robinson Double Zip Tote after a day of loving it?

What would you do?


August 8, 2012

My Newest Addiction...

Oh gee, I was just browsing on Shopbop with my lil' sister to look for the perfect school bag. I know, ridiculous, as the bags there are freakin' expensive for just using for school. No, I was just using that excuse to look at ridiculous expensive, but oh so perfect bags. I was mainly looking at Marc by Marc Jacobs (no surprise huh;-) totes and bags, but then an item caught my attention.

It wasn't a Marc Jacobs bag (surprise), no it was from Tory Burch! Now I've never actually paid attention to her bags, in fact, I don't think I've looked at one... ever. Crazy right? I only knew it as a brand with a cool logo and that had über gorgeous, but out of my budget ballet flats. Now I can't believe that I haven't read, and seen more about this bag online.

The line that has mesmerised me is Robinson. Have you seen those products? They are crazily beautiful! I'm eyeing the Zip Continental Wallet, Slim Card Case, and... the best product of all: the Robinson Double Zip Tote. O em gee that bag is drop dead gorgeous! Have you seen how it looks? Damn, that is so my style, and I need it in my life, pronto.

I love it so much that I have to share it with you guys. I can't just keep this gem to myself. No, that would be selfish, wouldn't it? It's the perfect size, it has the perfect material (leather), it has a freakin' strap, a mirror inside, and... you just have to see for yourself;-)

image courtesy:
Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote - $575 (€485)

Isn't she gorgeous? Oh wow, I think I won't be able to sleep tonight because of all the excitement of discovering this bag ha ha! Honestly, it's great for shopping as it's big enough to fit loads of stuff in and it has a strap, for when your arms are tired. Gorgeous leather, so it will wear nicely and... the inside is just pure enjoyment. 

The double zips, and the middle compartment... it's just amazing, I have no more words for that. I'm aware they have other great colors as well. The orange and cobalt blue are amazing, but this black one would be great for my future office job as well. And... I honestly think this would make a hell of a uni bag. I'll just keep on swooning - sweet dreams guys, sweet dreams....

What bag have you been longing for recently? 


August 7, 2012

The 3 P's: Planning, Packing, and Paris!

I wanted to update you guys on the situation I'm in at the moment, and wanted to share some news with you! So some of you might know that I'm moving to Paris soon. Yep, moving as in: living there for longer than a month, infact, I'll stay there for 5 freakin' months! For those that didn't know I'm moving, well... now you do:-)

I'll go there for my study abroad, basically and exchange, and will continue my Communication studies over there. Bien sûr in English, as my French isn't entirely bad (got a nice certificate hanging on my wall, no just kidding, I just stuffed it in a folder), but not good enough to follow entirely French courses. Hope everything goes well, as I had to change courses 5 times already...

Have been quite busy and stressed with all the moving stuff. As I have my internship at truly yours, I'm working there 4 days in the office and 1 day at home. It's fun, you won't hear me complain, but it just takes up all my energy. Once I arrive home (after a freakin' 1 hour train ride and cycling for 20 minutes) I'm seriously worn out. So all the hunting for apartments happens during the journey from/to work and in the weekends when I have time. My plan is to move the 27th this month. Today when I seriously looked at my agenda on my iPhone this morning (something I don't do on a daily basis - oops) I saw that the moving date is only 2 weeks away, and I still don't have a room!

Stressing out like crazy, and I still have to pack. Honestly, it's my first time I'm going to live on my own, without family and friends (will share an apartment with a girl from the same school, haven't met her yet). So pretty excited and scared in a way:-)

I have made a list of items I want to pack, or well... better said: the list is in progress. Everyday I add things, and scrap things. I'm horrible with packing not too many stuff. I mean, I have to take it back with me by myself. My parents will be able to bring me to Paris, it's only a 4/5 hour ride, but won't be able to pick me up. Oh dear god, I already am seeing images of myself with too many luggage ha ha!

So my question to you is... you have any packing tips for me? 


August 6, 2012

Maybelline Great Lash Limited Edition

Oh my, oh my. I was just looking through my Facebook feed (yes, I do that sometimes when I'm bored) and saw that someone posted a link about the new Maybelline Great Lash Limited Edition of 2012. You probably am thinking why I'm writing about this when I saw this on Facebook. Well... Because I'm super excited about them!

The Maybelline Great Lash was actually my first ever mascara! Haven't used it ever since I threw the bottle away, which is like at least 6 years ago... This year, or well actually, this month they have the limited edition of this mascara in 4 amazing colors. The available shades are Pop of Purple, Blink of Blue, Go Go Green, and Totally Teal. The Great lash color collection will enhance the natural eye color and the shape of the eye by defining the lashes. It will also conditions the lashes, making them look better than ever. 

I've seen this great mascara trend at Stella McCartney's A/W 2012 runway show, so what would be a better way to try it out yourself? It'll be sold in the States for only $6,40, and will be available nationwide. For the other parts of the world... I honestly have no clue. I will keep my fingers crossed that it'll be launched in Europe in September, otherwise I'll keep my eyes peeled on eBay! 

Image courtesy of Imaxtree, Maybelline

Would you wear a colored mascara?



August 4, 2012

My MacBook's Gotten Feet!

My instagram followers might have seen a picture this product yesterday, but I thought I had to share it with the rest of the world. It's just so amazing! Call me crazy, but my love for beauty is the same love I share for technical gadgets - yep, I'm a real gadget nerd:-)

I just popped into the Apple store yesterday, just because I hadn't seen the new MacBook Pro with Retina display and am considering upgrading to one soon (see: next year, or maybe the year after...). Anyways. When I was there looking at all the tech stuff they had, I also went to their wall of little accessories you can buy for your iPhone, MacBook, iPad, iPod, etc. There I bumped into this: Cool Feet, airspace for laptops, a product I totally need!

Don't get me wrong, MacBooks don't make as much noise as regular laptops (and then I mean you Windows!) and don't have crazy heat (ventilator) coming out of the sides, but mine does tend to get warm after using it for a while. I use my laptop daily during my internship, mostly in the evenings, and also in the weekends - in short: I use the poor thing all. the. time. 

So as I couldn't afford to bring the new MacBook Pro with me, I got the "Cool Feet" instead:-) It's super easy to use, and not too expensive. It was just €10, and came with a little red pouch to store the little naps/"feet". Super handy, so I can bring these little things with me to work!

You just stick those transparent stickers that come with the product on the corners of your laptop. This way the naps/"feet" can be easily stuck on that area. I've tried it without those stickers, but then it just doesn't really stick to the laptop itself. The sticker and feet are easily removed. I wouldn't remove the sticker too many times though, because of the adhesive. But it doesn't leave any residue, and I replaced it 3 times and it still stuck onto the laptop. The best gadget discovery I made this year, yet! 

And this is the result, a little standard that you can easily bring with you, that provides 'more airspace' to the MacBook. I've been using it for two days now, and really can see (hear and feel) the difference with, and without these little feet:-) I'd say this would work for any laptop, not particularly for a MacBook. But as some Windows laptops tend to be a bit heavy, I'd recommend asking them how much weight these little feet can handle.

What do you think about this product, and what is your latest gadget discovery?


August 3, 2012

Rave: Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stains

And I'm back again with a rave post - basically a very positive review:-) Today I'll highlight the much raved about YSL Glossy Stain, in color 15.

It's a squarish packaging, with a golden cap where the initials "YSL" are printed on in red. The lower part is black, with a "window" (on both sides) where you can see a bit of the lip color. The applicator is amazing seriously. It's a flat applicator, which is a bit bended and has a nice tip for flawless and easy application. No lip pencil needed for defining  your lips (I don't use one anyways, but I just wanted to emphasize on the fact the applicator is a gem to work with:-)

Moving on to the product itself, when you open the product there is a pleasant fragrance coming out. I'm not sure how to describe it as, but it's not too flowery or heavy. You actually won't even smell it after a few seconds after you've applied the gloss.

I have to be honest, I love lip stains, but I really hate glosses. Why? Because I have long hair, and it's always windy in Holland - that's an understatement, so the product tends to stick on my hair (or the other way around). With the YSL Glossy Stain, I don't feel it is that sticky compared to other glosses I've tried. Now I haven't bought any high-end lipglosses, basically because I didn't like glosses in general, but I think I might be a converter. Maybe high-end glosses are way better than cheap drugstore ones... I don't know, I will definitely test that for you guys:-)

Rambling on again, but yeah, the product is lovely. Have I mentioned that the staying powder is great? Applying it once is enough, but I like to apply two layers. The first one I buff it in with the wand and then I run my lips together. After a minute I apply the second layer. And then won't touch it. It just stays on for so long! Last time when I drank coffee with this gloss on, I did see that it was on the cup as well, but the color on my lips was still intact and quite opaque I'd say. Staying power is... 6 hours I'd say? Really depends how/what you eat during the day.

The color I picked, 15, is gorgeous. I picked this one because I wanted a color I could wear during all seasons, and while looking natural - but better. Although I loved the darker toned, brighter colors as well, I know that I wouldn't wear it as often as this one, and I don't regret a penny I spent on this! As I'm the worst in describing colors, I thought you'd have to see for yourself;-)

with one layer

with two layers

And of course, the standard swatches. The top one is buffed in, and the lower one is just slapped on my hand. I swear, my hand doesn't look as pale as in the picture, it's just the darn light:-)

Have you tried the YSL Glossy Stains, and which color is your fave? 


August 2, 2012

Meet My New Parka!

Today I could work from home, as I mostly do everything on my laptop anyways. So after a morning of working hard, replying to emails and some database stuff, I met up with my lovely and gorgeous friend Dascha (for my Dutch readers, check out her blog here) and we hung out for a while. We had some lovely chat accompanied with great cappuccinos, and of course did some shopping - duh!

I haven't shopped in a very long while, and with shopping I mean physically going to a store and get something. Lately I've been buying loads of stuff online - whoops! Last time I went into the MANGO store nearby I saw this amazing green parka-ish coat with a cute leather collar detail, I tried it on, showed my mum, and then left the store without purchasing it because I listened to my mum. I've regretted it since, and always blamed my mum for not having a cool parka. When I went back to the store the next day, it was gone, just my luck. Today we went into MANGO again, and just wanted to browse through the store and check out the new collection (need to get some neat clothing for my next internship!). Guess what I bumped into! Yep, you're right, it's the parka I've always wanted!

You can't imagine how glad I was, I tried it on, showed it to my friend, and I got it immediately:-) I tried to take some outfit pictures, but... I'm horrible with posing as in super awkward. I managed to get my lil' sister to make a few shots, while she was acting like a photographer - a pun on acting, the kid is 12 - I tried to model the heck out of me. The result was rather... horrid. So I couldn't use any picture, don't tell her, but managed to make one with Instagram - my favorite app ever. PS. please don't mind the messy surroundings, I still need to clean up my room ASAP ha ha! Made one of the parka alone too, but it just looks like a hideous sack so I didn't add it for my parka's sake:-)

Also bought a slouchy cardigan at ZARA and some miscellaneous things that are not really worth mentioning. And ehm... please don't cringe at the awkward posing picture. I usually don't take pictures like that, or actually at all from myself. So please bear with me:-)

MANGO - €69,95 €39,95 

What's your opinion about parkas, and have you ever regretted not buying something?

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