August 25, 2012

Help! Classic Pink or Fluoro Yellow?

A while ago I blogged about the Cambridge Satchel Company (CSC), and that I have been meaning to get one of their satchels for years! I started to research again and looked through the site and at many blogs for size references.

My bag I used to carry for uni is worn out, torn out, and just looking ridiculous because I didn't really look after it. Come on, it was a cheap-ish satchel from H&M that didn't cost more than €20. Now I'm ready to save up for a good, quality school bag, which looks stylish too. As I missed my opportunity to get the Tori Burch 797 Large Satchel, I almost gave up, but then ELLEUK reminded me again of this gorgeous satchel! 

I think I made up my mind to get a 13" one. Actually not, that's a lie. I'm still doubting about whether to get the 13" or 14", as I want to use it for uni. I'm not really planning to put many books in there or my laptop. And I think I could use the 13" as a clutch as well, what do you guys think? I'm 1.64 by the way.

On ASOS they only have nice colors in the sizes 11" and 15", so I started checking the regular colors at the CSC website. I fell in love with the Fluoro Yellow and the Classic Pink (image above). As I can't afford to get both, hate to be a student, I really don't know which color to get. This is where you dolls step in! :-)

Which color do you like best, and why?



  1. I think the pink would go with more outfits if you don't want the bag to clash too much, although if you want clashes then go yellow. I think also that summer's over and neon colours may not come back into fashion for a while. Plus the pink one will go with your khaki parker which i adore :) xx

    Rose @

    1. I don't know, I love both colors. My biggest fear is that I don't like the fluoro color after a year anymore, because at the moment - I'm a sucker for neon colors. But thank you for your sweet advice! :-) x

  2. I would go for the pink one! Just like you said. Maybe you would not like it after a year. So maybe you don't want to spend too much on a particular trend :)
    I have the nude 15'' one from ASOS. I have it over a year now! This one fyi:
    It fits my macbook 13'' precisely. So I would recommend the 15'' one if you really want to put your laptop in it. I'm affraid the 14'' is just a tad too small for that. But you are not planning to put too many things in it right. So the 13'' will be enough I guess :).
    Hope it helped you out :)


    I love your blog Weng! Je was altijd al degene die goed was met woorden. En vroeger zaten we ook al uren achter de computer haha. Samen met je liefde voor beauty & fashion is deze blog echt de ultieme combinatie. Het kan gewoon niet anders :) It was meant to be. Keep up the good work! I can't express myself enough. I am excited about your blog :D

    1. thanks dear! haven't spoken to you in ages, how'd you find my blog? I've loved the mink patent one from ASOS ever since I saw it, I only thought that the 15" Batchel would be too big for me, as I'm quite petite. but if you have it, I think it'd fit me as well :-) x

  3. P.P.S Ow don't mind dat sarina-li-ning bij m'n naam lol. Was voor school project van het merk li-ning dat ik helemaal vergeten ben. XD snel veranderd.



  4. Fluoro yellow! saw someone wearing it once, I think its the prettiest color out of all CSC has (red, brown n navy blue look good too)

    1. oooh I love navy too. I'm such a sucker for nice products :') x


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