August 30, 2012

Studded Burgundy Loafers

It's been a long time since I wrote a blog post, sorry for that guys. It just took me longer to settle in here, and it was way harder than I expected. The reason why I haven't wrote a post in such a long time, is because I didn't think you guys would like to read a sobbing post all about me. Also, the internet connection sucks, big time. Today's post won't be about me, or well… not directly;-)

I got some new kicks yesterday when I went shopping. I saw these gorgeous loafers at ZARA, and I just had to get them - they were only 29.95! PS. I just have my legs crossed over each other in the picture, so please don't think I have twisted feet ha ha! 

You have these in 3 colors, black with silver studs, beige/off-white with golden studs, and burgundy with golden studs. In the Netherlands I've only seen the black and beige/off-white ones, but as they were not in my size I couldn't get them - thank goodness! Otherwise I couldn't get these gorgeous burgundy loafers! It just looks very cool, and burgundy just happens to be this season's trend color;-) 

This was it for today's post, sorry it's so short, but I'm honestly too tired to write anything in-depth and long. The granny woke me up 3 times today. Once at 3 in the night, once at 5 in the morning, once at 9 in the morning. I don't know what she was doing in that time of the day, but all I heard were footsteps, cracking floors, moving things. At 9 she was even using the vacuum, goodbye sleep. -.- 

I'm going to Skype a bit with my parents, and then head to the centre… have honestly no clue where. Maybe I should visit a museum… Maybe I should! Will keep you updated dolls! 

What have you been doing these days?



  1. Wat zien je schoentjes er leuk uit zeg!
    Ik heb het kleurtje hier niet voorbij zien komen.

    Heel veel succes en geluk in Parijs,
    Hopelijk vindt je hier je plekje, maar dat komt wel goed in zo'n pracht stad toch? :-)

    Place des Vosges is trouwens een leuke tip,
    Een van m'n favorieten parkjes <3

    xoxo Anouk

    1. Dankjewel Anouk:-) Het duurt gewoon denk ik iets langer, aangezien het ook gelijk m'n eerste keer uit huis is! Komt zeker wel goed, en ik zal als ik tijd heb zeker langs Place des Vosges gaan! x


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