August 26, 2012

To Ombre or Not To Ombre...

... well that is the question. I know the trend has been going on for a very long time, and secretly I have been dying to try it out for that entire period already. If it's done well, it's done well. And if it's done bad, well... then it's done bad. I'm not planning to do it myself, oh no, I will then go to a professional (French) hairdresser that knows English, and knows how to dye and cut.

I was intending to write a review today, but at the moment I'm just too tired, and can't really concentrate to write a good review. I apologise, I think I won't be able to finish my "to-write" list before I'll be moving to Paris. Because I WILL GO TOMORROW! Eeeek, I know!  I for some odd reason feel really miserable, sick, and my body is just aching everywhere. Might be nerves, I don't know, but I just felt like browsing through google for nice hair ideas :-)

To come back to the main reason I want to write this post, it's because I'm undecided. I'm pretty sure my parents would kill me if I came back with an ombre, but hey, I'm old enough to decide it myself aren't I;-) I'm not planning to have an ombre where an ombre is very obvi, like: bam, I have an ombre. Not that, that would be bad or ugly, I'm just not daring enough to try that on myself;-) No I'm more thinking about the ombre like Lauren Conrad, Lisa Aldrige, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel, and Rachel Bilson - an ombre, but with a nice transition, so the colors are "flowing" and "merging" into each other.  Still sophisticated, but yet stylish and chic. If that even makes sense...

Below some inspiration pictures of how I would like to have my hairstyle. If you hadn't noticed yet, my hair is boring straight, quite long, dark brown, did I mention boring? I think I have had the same hairstyle for over 4 years now, and it's time for a radical change.

Should I dye an ombre? 
If yes, please recommend a good Parisian hairdresser, ha! 



  1. You are leaving tomorrow? yikes. nerves! That you are feeling sick is probably you body reacting to the fact that you are actually leaving. I "often" feel the same way if something big is happening. I felt like that when I was leaving for my last school two years ago (where I was leaving on my school), the whole summer I was so excited (for the most part) and then when the day actually arrived I was feeling so weird because I never thought the day would come :)

    With the whole "should-I-ombre-my-hair" thing, I'm a bit undecided about it, at first i thought it looked really great but suddenly EVERYONE had it. On some people it looks so nice, and on other people it doesn't. I would talk to a hairdresser who isn't just going to agree with you no matter what you say, but actually has an opinion and hear what he or she thinks - would it look nice on you :)
    When you have dark hair, I personally think the Jessica Biel style looks great, It's not that blonde in the ends - it's not too much of a contrast. (But then again Drew Barrymore's is so nicely done! - I'm no help at all am I?! :D)

    Have you packed everything so you are ready to leave tomorrow? (let me guess, you feel like you are missing something but you don't know that it is? :P)

    1. Well, actually tonight - around 3 am. Am always undeceive whether it's called night or morning... But I guess so too, honestly have been getting med's since this morning and drinking loads of water!

      Concerning my hairdresser... I don't have a regular one, so I'm just hopping to one to another, as they all don't cut my hair as I like it to be. Hope to get recommended a nice one in Paris though ha! I love how Jessica Biel looks (don't mention Drew, she looks stunning in this style), but Lisa Aldrige's and Rachel Bilson's hair looks oh so nice. God, I'm the worst in making choices ha ha! But thank you so much for your lovely comment, it honestly means the world to me that you take the time to write it:-)

      I have unpacked, and packed my luggage literally 5 times - including this morning. I "only" have 2 suitcases, but I feel that I still haven't brought enough ha ha. Checked the weather forecast for Paris tomorrow: sunny, 25 degrees, and 5% chance of rain - yay! x

    2. Me too, when does it change from night to morning, it probably depends on who you ask ;) If I wake up in the middle of the NIGHT an see the times is around 4 am(I have a hard time with the am and pm thing - I have never figured it out, damn you English teacher! :P), then it's still night in my head, for me morning is around 6 ;)

      I didn't use to have a reagular hairdresser because I never got my hair cut before it was short. Maybe like once a year because I didn't really care about my hair :P
      With decision making I'm like you, you should have seen my before I got my hair cut short 2 years ago, I think my friends thought I was annoying because I showed them a million pictures of people with short hair. I had decided on a picture until I saw something else, and then I wasn't sure if it was the right one and so on. It was a nightmare! :P

      Yeah? If you are missing something, I'm sure it's something minor like toothpaste, bandages or cotton bud/q-tip since you forgot it, and then you can buy it when you arrive.
      Just remember your passport so you can actually get into tax-free (and shop! haha) or whatever that restricted area is called where the gates are and board the plane! :D

    3. haha oh well, I'm really easy when it's about hair, but getting very picky nowadays. I really like how your hair looks, so thumbs up for the style you chose initially ha ha!

      I'm sure you'll laugh at me if I say I brought my toothpaste, a few plasters and some minor things I could definitely get there. Didn't pack q-tips though... ;-) I did pack my passport already, just because I was too late to apply for my ID. Didn't really feel like paying 100% extra to get it the next day, have at least 100 other ways to spend that money on. But unfortunately, France does not give tax back to EU residents. And as I'll be going by car, I won't have the chance to snap up some goodies at the airport either. Thank goodness for the French pharmacy goodies, so I can get crazy here :-D x

    4. Now I'm growing my hair out again which is a loooooong and a bit annoying proces :P It's just a really weird lengh at the moment where you can't do much with it.
      That's great you remembered! I always forget about those items.
      YOU DIDN'T PACK Q-TIPS?! OH.MY.GOD. GO PACK THEM NOW!! no, i'm just kidding! hahahaaaa
      Oh right, you don't have to fly to Paris, of course! I didn't think that far.......
      Well it's always good to have your passport on you when you travel even though you don't fly, just as safety. :)

      How long time does it take to drive?

      French pharmacies! They sound like heaven and I have never been to France! I feel like I'm missing out on something .. I must go to France just to shop in a French phamarcy!

    5. Hmm, that must suck! Would love to say "I can totally relate" but unfortunately I can't. Well, I did bring cotton pads though! :-D

      I actually did want to fly to Paris, but unfortunately tickets were way too overpriced. :-( I know Schiphol has a great duty-free beauty section and even Origins products - squeel!

      Driving is still doable, approximately 4-5 hours? Depending on the traffic of course! You definitely should go to France once you have the chance! Although I'd recommend the French riviera, Paris is definitely worth checking out at least once ;-) Good luck with your assignments! x

    6. Alright then, you are forgiven! Cotton pads will do! ;)

      Ah yes, flight tickets aren't the cheapest. *googling Schiphol* aah Amsterdam Airport. I think most airports have most of the drool-worthy brands..

      4-5 hours, that's not bad at all :)

      Thank you, but I have put my homework away. When it's about 8 pm (yes i googled it :P) I loose my ability to study ;) I can always read the last pages in the book on the train in the morning..

    7. ha ha sorry, I just took it for granted that you knew. but yes, it's the biggest airport in the Netherlands, and one of the best in the entire world :-)

      ugh, I so know what you mean. the good ol' times when I also 'studied' in the train! don't you have holiday breaks at the moment in Denmark btw? or did you start with school a loooong time already? glad I still have a week to stroll around Paris! well I'm off to bed, it was lovely chatting with you Ellis :-) x

    8. Nice!

      No, I don't. I don't think the universities have started yet, I think they start in the beginning of September. But I'm not done with whats considered "High School Level". I'm a little behind, took a detour 3 years ago :)
      "Normal" schools always start earlier than the universities, they start in the middle of August.
      I'm just a little behind now because I changed subjects last week, after one week on another school which I didn't like, so I have to read what the other students read the first week and what we are talking about in class now.

      Sleep well and have a great carride. Hope you don't get too bored! ;)

  2. I'm with you on this one hun. When the whole ombre thing first came about, I really liked the idea of it but resolved not to try it as I had already damaged my hair so much through years of dying it (I had also not long had highlights, and had noticed that the blonde bits had become horribly dry and frizzy). I've since dyed my hair back to it's natural colour (dark brown), and it still doesn't seem to have completely recovered from previous lightening, but I am absolutely itching to ombre my hair by now as I'm bored of waiting for it to improve! I don't want it really light on the bottom though, I want something more like Kate Beckinsale's in the pic above, or maybe Drew Barrymore's. I think we should take the plunge! :)
    Mel x

    1. Drew's ombre is gorgeous indeed... Oh sigh, this is so hard! Jessica Biel has a gorgeous, very natural ombre though. Maybe I'll try that, still undecided, ha ha! Let me know if you "ombred" your hair, can't wait to see it! x

  3. I have almost black hair and and blonde ombre. It was a hard desision but I'm really glad I did it! You don't have to do it as 'in your face' as mine, you could just try a light brown or dark blonde. But I think you should just go for it!

    Lauren x

    1. I'm on the verge of dying the tips of my hair, the other thing that is stopping me: French hairdressers. How in heaven's sake am I going to ask them to dye an ombre?! But thank you for your sweet advice! x


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