September 12, 2012

French Pharmacy Haul

And yes, here it is... the long awaited French pharmacy haul post. I wanted to post this as soon as I settled in Paris, but it took a bit longer than I expected to fit myself in the city, its surroundings and just to get my life together. Uni has started, am here now for 3 weeks already - time flies! But enough of the rambling, and off we go to the real deal;-)

I kinda went a teeny tiny bit crazy at the pharmacy. I went to the one at Rue du Four that Lisa Eldrige has raved about, and honestly, I love it! I've been to several pharmacies before going to this one, but their range of products and prices are the best. As you can see in the picture, I kinda got a load of products. I already started using some when I took the picture, hence why some do look used - oops! I forgot to add the other bottle of Bioderma, two Caudalie eau de Beauté sprays (a.k.a. beauty elixir) and a Caudalie grape toner (which I use in the evening). Will not put a review up per product in this post, as it will take a looooooong time then, and I haven't used all products. Have to be honest, the ones I did try, I'm very impressed!

Products from left to right
  • Roger & Gallet - Green Tea Soap
  • PHYTO - Clarifying Shampoo
  • TAAJ Himalaya - Miscellar Water (make up remover)
  • MARVIS - Whitening Toothpaste
  • LIERAC - Diopticalm (depuffing eye cream/serum)
  • MAVALA - Double-Lash Serum
  • Bioderma - Créaline H2O Miscellar Water
  • Embryolisse - Lait Crème 
  • NUXE - Rêve du Miel Hand Moisturizer
  • NUXE - Rêve du Miel Chapstick
  • Bioderma - Créaline H2O Deodorant
  • PHYTO - Shampoo for Oily Scalp
Not included in the picture
  • Caudalie - eau de Beauté (30ml and 100ml)
  • Caudalie - Toning Lotion
  • Anne Peraud - Rose Soap
  • Liquid Hand Sanitizer
  • "Organic" Cottonbuds

And this was my haul from the pharmacy. Have been using a selection of the products for a while now, and might even post some reviews about them.

Let me know if you'd like to read a review from, and of which products! 



  1. Love Bioderma Crealine! its amazing and inexpensive (even though it cant remove waterproof mascara)

    My favourite from french pharmacy is la roach posay! please try it if you see it next time :) its products are really gentle and nice

    1. it is! although I do feel bad that I have to use cotton pads all the time - so un-ecological ha ha! but la roche-posay do have great products, I love their moisturizers:-) x

  2. I really, really want the Bioderma and Caudalie - eau de Beauté...luckily my birthday is coming soon, so hopefully I will finally get to put my hands on them ;)
    How much are they in France?

    1. they both are great products! will you get them in France or elsewhere? it varies per pharmacy and depends on the size. but I think it's ranging from €8.90 - €35 here ;-) x

  3. I will probably have to order them online, or do you know of any shops where I could get them in NL? FOr now I will probably get the small versions to see if they agree with me ;)

    1. well, unfortunately these two products are not sold in any pharmacy (or other store) in the Netherlands. but you can get them from an online store called newpharma! it basically carries all the French pharmacy brands, only a bit more expensive than you'll get it here in France. ;-) I hope it works out! x

    2. This is a great site, thanks! I saw some more expensive ones, but this one seems to be the best! Geniet van je weekend!

    3. I'm glad you like it, and I hope the products work out well for you:-) x

  4. desperately want to try out the bioderma! lovely blog :)

    1. ooh it's so worth the try, and thank you sweetie! x


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