September 26, 2012

OOTD #2 - Burgundy Groove

Yes, back again with an OOTD post. I'm kinda getting the hang of it, and quite like it honestly. So today I had my speech about an TED talk, aTED talk is basically a speech given on the website I don't know why but when I started I was so nervous that my hands were shaking, and my legs were trembling. So after I delivered my speech, finished class, I went back home and went straight to the laundromat. It is the place I hate the most, as it takes up so much time from my day, and that the drying machines never dry the clothes at once. Seriously I have to dry it at least 3 times before it gets dry - very annoying.

Anyways, my outfit today is again very casual, and simple. Minimal make up, and my hair tied up. I absolutely adore a bit slouchy knits, and as you all know - I have my crazy obsession over everything burgundy.

Today I'm wearing:
ZARA burgundy scarf, New Look slouchy knit wear with 'leather' patches on the elbow, Primark black shoulder bag with zippers, Pieces black jeans leggings, and my ZARA studded burgundy loafers.

O. and the overfull purple bag is my laundry ha ha! Let me know whether you like these posts, or absolutely despise them:-)

What is your current fashion obsession?


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  1. So jealous you can still wear that kind of outfits!
    The autumn weather has arrived in Denmark and it's started getting cold already! Boots and warmer jackets!! :( My feet would fall off if I wore shoes/ballet pumps like that! haha

    1. Yeah the weather has been great here for the season! Although it rained the entire day yesterday, the temperature is still okay. :-) x

  2. very cute outfit!! that dryer must be ridiculous >.< 3 times?! seriously? haha

    1. Thank you:-) Yes, it is! And that even when I tumble dry my clothes I separated bedsheets, jeans, and clothing... -.-


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