September 13, 2012

Uh oh!

As you might see in the picture, that is my Laura Mercier Oil-free Tinted Moisturizer. Squeezed out the last drip today, thank goodness it was just enough to cover my face. Well... actually not really, but just had to print some things at uni so an almost-bare face wasn't a biggie;-) Immediately got a new one on my way home, this time the regular version. I've used both for a long time already, and have to say the regular is my favorite. I feel that it oxidizes less, and somehow that my face is less shiny throughout the day. 

I've been using the Laura Mercier TM for about 4 years already. I know, that is ridiculously long. I think it's my only product in my make up stash that I have this long - this, and the Estée Lauder Double Wear mascara. Coming back to the TM. It's an amazing product, but not for those that are looking for medium to full coverage. I used to be a full coverage girl, and when I ordered this, I was so disappointed after its first use that I haven't used it at all for a while. But then when my skin started clearing up, I applied it and my skin looked still natural, but better. I used to apply two layers of this, the second layer 5 minutes later so the first has really "sunk in/dried". But recently my skin has been amazing, so I've just been using one layer of the TM! 

Since I've been living in Paris, I've been wearing this on a daily basis - and this is something that has never occurred to me. I always like to use different products on a daily base, don't ask me why, that's just how I am. But these few weeks I have been using the same products as a base (primer/TM/concealer), and my skin looks flawless and very natural. I even got many compliments:-)

I might do a review on both tinted moisturizers, maybe even a comparison review if there is any interest for that!

What is your favorite go-to product?



  1. I have been thinking about buying this online (no LM counter). I am unsure to go with the oil-free one or the regular one. Some people say the oil-free one is best for people with combination skin, but as you write others say that the oil-free one actually makes them more oily.. So many decisions! :P
    I hope you are doing well in France and everything is going better! :)

    1. Hmm... I have it in the shade 'Nude' so I'd say you would be Porcelain, or maybe even lighter if they have a lighter shade? But concerning the formula... it's a bit hard to decide. Maybe you could order the "flawless face" kits? it's a better deal anyways, and then you can try a smaller version of either the regular or oil-free one. you get a great toilet bag, full-size undercoverpot with brushes, a sponge, a powderpuff, travelsize foundation primer and tinted moisturizer (which last for ages!). I did that too, and then I realized that I liked the regular version more :-) I'm also not very sure what your skintype is?

      but concerning France... thank you for asking sweetie! it's going way better now, and I'm feeling better too. met a lot of nice people from school, and the classes I had until now are all nice - except for one, but I'm going to swop that for another course;-) let me know if you need more info concerning the TM! I will use the regular version for the rest of the week and then will try to make a short comparison review! x

    2. One of my concerns was the color selection! I thought I should have nude, but if you have that I probably need something a little lighter.. `
      I might check that kit out! Thank you :) I have combination skin.

      I'm glad! You can choose you own classes, thats so nice. (As you can hear, I know nothing about university. haha!)

      Another thing, about the Aplha-H Liquid Gold, since you are in France and they have Sephora you should go get a sample of SAMPAR - Peeling Équilibre Moussant (Equalizing Foam Peel). I don't know if you suffer from breakouts/acne, but I have used it once and it has already reduced it and the pigmentation on my cheeks! brilliant! It's a chemical exfoliator you use once a week!

    3. Well, it does depend though! I find the oil-free version is a bit darker (although I take the same shade), so definitely check out a lot of swatches and compare both 'porcelain' with 'nude'. :-)

      I don't think it's normal that you can choose your own courses at uni. It's just because I'm in my third year, and doing my study abroad (an exchange basically). So I can choose the courses I want to take at this school in Paris.

      I'll definitely check SAMPAR out, thanks for the heads up! Although I still keep my hopes up for the Liquid Gold, I mean... I kinda splurged on this item, and if it really doesn't help at all, I'll really be bummed. Should've repurchased the Kiehl's serum -.-

    4. Okay, now it makes more sense that you can choose your own courses! :)

      I know what you mean, I kept using mine for a long time just hoping to see results!

      The Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solutions?

    5. Yes! Their Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution has really helped my skin improve so much! I could see the difference after a week already - no exaggeration here! Received a deluxe sample with my purchase, and after that sample my hyper pigmentation has faded so much! Was kinda hoping the Liquid Gold to do an even better job, but well... you can't have everything right ;-)

  2. I am looking into buying this! I would adore a comparison. I was going to go with the oil free version but the oxidation part sounds terrifying, is it anything to be worried about?

    1. Okay, I'll try the regular version for a bit longer and then I'll do my best to compare the both;-) Concerning the oxidation part... it's not that bad that you'll turn into a carrot or something. But I just feel that compared to the regular version, it oxidizes more. It's not like you'll change 2 shades darker - nothing like that! ;-) x


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