October 30, 2012

Off I Go!

Tomorrow I will (finally) leave Paris for a few days, and go sightseeing in Normandy! I say finally, because I honestly want to see more of France now I'm here anyways. Paris is great, not complaining, but is almost getting common to see nice buildings if that makes any sense. Initially I wanted to go to St. Mont Michel, as I've been told it's gorgeous there. Unfortunately all hotels/hostels were book, and those that were free were ridiculously expensive. So I did some research, and stumbled upon the city Rouen. It's actually the capital city of Normandy, and it seems quite big, with quite nice sightseeing points. That's what Internet tells me.

I'm going with a friend who I met here, who is actually also Dutch, and comes from a small village close to where my parents live. So coincidental! Anyways, the hotel claims to have free wifi, so I'll see if I'm able to upload a post these days, if not, you know why! I'll return on Friday in the evening, and then will have to put all the dirty clothes in a tote, and head to bed. Why? Because on Saturday I'll head back home! So excited to see my parents, and sister again. Mom promised me some major shopping (okay, I added the major myself;-) time, which I'm reaaaaally looking forward to. And might take my lil' sis to a shopping trip to Primark.

So yes, just a little heads up/update on my coming week. Can't wait for duty-free shopping either, gotta review my wish list a bit ha ha!

What's the last trip you've been to?




  1. Have fun on your trip! Any chance you would be taking small French pharmacy orders? I could transfer money to your Dutch account :D Although I guess you will be quite busy these coming days...

    1. Thank you! Could you maybe send me an email with what you were thinking of getting? I might have some time on Saturday morning to pick something up for you. x


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