December 31, 2012


Lush... it's a brand you either love or hate. Me? I love it. Though I don't love all products, I do have my fair share of favorites. I adore their masks, their acne treatment products, their Christmas gift sets, and their soaps. Yesterday I went to Lush in the Hague (Den Haag), and got me some goodies. I'm talking about their soaps. They had their annually promotions again, which meant 50% off at a large selections of products.

I got some Christmas gift sets for a few friends, and got myself 3 soap bars. I'm a big citrus lover, thus got myself the citrus scented ones: 'Northern Light' (a freakishly neon yellow 'un), 'Sexy Peel' (gosh it smells so good), and 'Bohemian' (very relaxing). Got one gift set with the soap 'Honey I Washed The Kids', and really regret not picking it up myself. It's on the list of "to buy" things already ;-).

What are your favorite Lush items?




  1. I haven't ever tried lushes products cause they don't sell them here:(


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