January 14, 2013

Hair Obsession

Lately I've been struggling a lot with my hair, actually ever since I moved to Paris my hair has became a big issue. For some odd, unknown, and scary reason I'm having immense hair loss. Immense in a way that my hair has literally lost half of well... its hair. My hair got very thin, and very flat compared to my thick, healthy, and voluminous hair.

I'm planning a trip to the hairdressers soon, before I fly the country, and have been thinking what to do with it. My hair has been similar over the past 3/4 years. Long hair with some long layers, dead simple. Now I'm really feeling like doing something different, and maybe even drastic. Dying my hair is not an option as it's really weak, and I don't want to damage it further (it's gotten to the point that I'm washing my hair with baby shampoo only). So I was thinking about cutting my hair in a long-bob.

I haven't had my hair up to shoulder length since I was 4 years old, so that's definitely drastic for me. Lately I've been google-ing around, and checking some celebs' hair cut for inspiration. Unfortunately I don't think the Alexa Chung bob would suit my face shape, nor am I as courageous to chop off that much, so I kept looking. Then a picture of Olivia Palermo drew my attention. The gal gorgeous, flawless, classic, and so sophisticated. Obviously I won't every look as stunning as her, but a girl can dream right? I adored every picture of her with a long-bob/shoulder length hair, and am thinking of cutting my hair in a similar style, and maybe leave it a bit longer. I saved up some of my favorite looks of her, and made a little collage of it. Need to get the courage to call the hairdresser soon! ;-)

What do you think of this haircut, and would it suit me?




  1. Oh, zeker doen Weng!
    Ik denk dat het je heel mooi zou staan :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  2. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on facebook or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you

    1. Thank you sweetie! I'll definitely pop by your blog :-). x

  3. Pretteh ^^

    Kisses, Sofie

  4. I have a couple of recommendations for strengthening your hair - my hair was so weak, brittle and dry after I had it ombred and was snapping off all over the place. Two things that really helped me were the Redken Extreme shampoo, and their Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment. The whole Extreme range is designed to strengthen your hair by putting the protein back into it, and I have to say, they really work. You're supposed to use them 2-3 times a week, but I used them every time I washed my hair for the first two weeks, before cutting down to once a week with the shampoo, and about 3 times a week with the leave-in. I also made sure I used a really moisturising conditioner (I use Redken All Soft) and now, as I'm only using the Extreme shampoo once or twice a week, I'm alternating it with a nice, moisturising shampoo (John Frieda Instant Smooth), as once your hair is strong again you'll find that the Extreme shampoo can be quite drying. The Extreme products really do the job, but overuse can actually have the opposite effect and cause breakage, so once your hair is feeling strong it's really important not to use it too often.
    Well, that was lengthy - hope it helps! :)
    Mel xx


    1. The Redken Extreme shampoo really sounds great! Have read great things about it indeed, haven't had the greatest experience with Redken shampoos. Last time I purchased a set it only made my hair oilier (whereas it was to combat the oiliness, and to cleanse/detox). Will keep an eye out where I can get this, too bad feelunique's sale has just ended. Will keep you updated :-)! x

  5. I think middle haircut will suit to everyone! Good luck at hairdresser!

  6. I absolutely love Olivia Palermo's elegance/style.


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