January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Happy new year dolls, I hope you had a wonderful NYE, and may you all have a wonderful new year with loads of fun, and good beauty buys ;-). Thank you all for still sticking with me this long. I'm having my blog for a good 7 months as I type, and gosh that's long! Time flies.

So this 2013's first post, a cliché on top of that, but a good 'un to sort my thoughts out, and well... give myself some proper goals for this year. I'm not a person to really set NY resolutions, I never have actually. But this year I feel like I have to, and really want to. Here we go!
  1. Start the '30 Day Shred', and do it for well... at least 30 days
  2. Find a yoga class in London, and follow it
  3. Visit (a lot of) cities in England while I'm there
  4. Cut out the junk food from my diet (a piece of chocolate once in a while is alright)
  5. Detox, detox, detox (inside and out)
  6. Limit impulse buys regarding fashion/beauty/miscellaneous items ;-)
  7. Set a monthly budget for beauty purchases
  8. Put the new blog design up ASAP
  9. Write blog posts on a consistent base (I know I slacked a lot in September when I just moved to Paris, promise I won't do that ever again!)
*all points are noted in a random order of importance

Yep, these are mine so far. Haven't thought of any more at the moment, but I guess it's a long list to keep already ;-).

What are your new year's resolutions?




  1. Those are some really great resolutions! I should make a similar list - and actually stick to it haha!! :)

    Happy new year,

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    1. Aw thank you sweetie! You should, it's actually quite refreshing haha! x

  2. Well done for making a list! I couldn't even compile one this year, as I know I wont stick to it! Have a look at our post here to see my attempt hehe http://www.thescarletribbonblog.blogspot.ie/2013/01/something-to-smile-about.html

    1. I love it though, those cupcakes are looking delish! Day 2 of my detox went well, just hope I'll be able to stick to it on the long run haha! x


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