February 18, 2013

Models Own Ice Neon Collection

I'm a big fan of Models Own Neon polishes and when I saw these you can imagine that I was so excited. I mean... look at them! Utterly gorgeous. The Ice Neon collection promises to be neon a whole other level, it actually requires you to store them in the fridge in order to maintain their "brightness". The bottles are specially designed so they can withstand the cold. Storing the polishes in your fridge will actually maintain the pigments of the polish, which makes the color more vibrant, and the polish will be longer lasting.

Personally, I'm looking forward to test these out when they are in stores. It's a fun and inventive idea, the sun is kicking in so we need some color in our lives and they are not too expensive. I'm not really liking the idea of storing my polishes in the shared-fridge. Hmm... should I invest in a mini fridge for my room or would that go too far? ;-)

They will retail for £5 each. Worldwide launch exclusively at the Models Own Bottleshop on the 9th of March or pre-order online. Available in all Boots stores in the UK from 22nd of March.

What do you think about this collection, and which color would you get?




  1. Replies
    1. They are so easy to fall in love with! x

  2. Oh boy, I'm definetely going to have to check these beauties out :)



    1. Haha, let me know which one you'll pick! x

  3. I hope that these will be available on Asos soon if they are not on there already ... So gorgeous!

    1. Fingers crossed! Will be launched in Boots in the end of March, so guess it'd be end March/early April that ASOS (or Beautybay) will carry them ;-). x


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