February 5, 2013

Oh Em Gee; London Here I Come

Today is the day I've been prepping for, for almost a month - since I came back from Paris. Gosh I'm so excited, stoked, sad, and anxious all at the same time. You'd say I'm crazy, but I'm not. Okay, maybe a little. But there are so many emotions floating around at the moment that I'm not really in my right mind. As I'm typing this, I'm on my way to the train station (Rotterdam), which will bring me to Brussels, and from there on I'll be going to London St. Pancras. All in all I think it'll take around 5 hours. That's a heck lot more than Paris, thank goodness I'll have company!

I don't know why, but I've been carrying a feeling that I've forgot to pack something for the past 3 days - it's insane! I guess the only way to see whether I'm just imagining it or whether I really forgot something, is when I finish unpacking. Believe me, that's gonna take a while. ;-) My friend Dascha will be helping me move, and help me a bit with the luggage. I'll be bringing two huge suitcases, and will be lugging around a bright red rucksack - not really looking my fanciest. Wouldn't be able to bring this all by myself, so was really stoked that my she was willing to come with :-).

I'll try to keep posting this week, but I can't promise it'll be as often as usual. Will do some speedy sightseeing (e.g. the area where I'll be staying, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Big Ben, London Eye... yeah that's all), will do some unpacking, and then I'll start with my internship on Thursday already. Gosh, so excited! Will keep you guys posted!

So, where will your next destination be?




  1. So excited for you! Best of luck, I am sure that it will be awesome! xxx

  2. Ive always dreamed of visit London. I hope you enjoy it and make the best of your trip. I have a givaway ends on 20 feb if you are feeling lucky!


  3. Hey lovely, just wanted to say an extra big thanks for my giveaway prize, and the lovely Dutch card you sent with it! Believe it or not, I only got it yesterday, because I'm abroad now and had to have it sent over to me! It took ages, but I'm really excited to try everything, and while a Parisian card would have been lovely, I found the one you sent so cute!
    You must be all moved in to London now, so can't wait to hear how things are going for you there! Will you be posting about what you're getting up to?
    Hope you're enjoying it so far!
    Mel xx


    1. Aw no worries love, I'm so glad you got it! Started to get a bit worried, as my friend didn't receive her parcel (I sent both at the same time). Glad you like it, and let me know how you like the products! Am starting to settle in a bit, so will do an update soon (with images obviously). Will try to make a weekly/bi-weekly post on how I get on here, only if there is something interesting/worth mentioning obviously ;-). When will you be back in the UK? x


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