February 24, 2013

What I've Been Up To #2

While browsing though my blog feed I realized that my last "What I've Been Up To" post is almost a month ago - urgently time for a new one!

London is treating me really well, though there are many things I need to get used to. I'm enjoying my internship a lot and my colleagues are a joy to be around with. I get on well with my roomies too. We're not best buds, but have the daily small talk, which is good enough for now ;-). I'll try to make a room tour post asap for those that are interested. 

Some exciting news? I've been to Professional Beauty today - it was a mad house! I absolutely loved it though and have stocked up on quite a few things. Absolutely horrible for my bank account, which you all can relate too I guess. Afterwards I popped into Selfridges to only visit their magazine section (which is brilliant I have to add!). Can you imagine how much willpower it took me to not stop by all the beauty counters? After a little while I was one yellow bag richer. More on that later, now I urgently need a foot massage and take a cup of camomile tea. I definitely deserved that ;-). 

How have you guys been doing and have you visited Professional Beauty before?



  1. WOW! You look sound like you had an amazing time!! Id love to go to Professional Beauty, Im jealous!! <3 <3 - Lexii


    1. Yes I did, I definitely had a great time! If you happen to have time tomorrow, it's the last day of the event so you could always drop by :-). x


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