March 25, 2013

Dior x Harrods

When I read that Dior was having a mini exhibition at Harrods my heart made a little jump. I adored the  pop-up exhibition at Printemps in Paris last year, so I couldn't imagine how cool it'd be in Harrods!

It was way smaller than I expected it to be, but it's the inside that counts. Everything is so Dior, from the set-up to the color scheme to the uniforms the employees are wearing. They showcase a mix of couture, infamous gowns, classic totes and the J'adore Dior campaign dress, worn beautifully by Charlize Teron - she's the only one who could rock that dress. Besides the exhibition, Dior also created a mini Dior café, where you can indulge yourself in French cuisine, that is only if you're lucky enough to get a reservation. If you are in London or happen to be in the neighbourhood I definitely recommend you getting a peek at the Dior exhibition.

Have you been to the Dior x Harrods exhibition yet? 




  1. Oh wauw, dat ziet er echt prachtig uit! Zou dat graag willen zien in 't echt! :-)

    xo The Daily Fashion Drug

  2. Oh wow, all those dresses look so beautiful! -- please take a look :) x

    1. They were a dream to look at! x


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