April 30, 2013

Boots Haul - Summer Edition

The sun is appearing more and more often in London, and that means I have to start prepping for that summer bod'. Not only meaning getting back in shape after too many pain du chocolats, but also to get my skin ready. Most important: sunscreen. I mentioned La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreen in my French pharmacy bucket list already and it's one of the best I've used. It's thin, almost runny, and sinks into the skin real quick without leaving your skin look greasy or white. I got the Anthelios AC Matte Extreme Fluid SPF 30 as I'm always interested in trying new things and it just pulled me in because it claims to be matte. Prior to my Sunday run, I applied this, and after a good 6 km run I still looked rather presentable. Not only does it not melt off, it also is quite a good base for make up.

As London is not know for it sun, slapping the fake-tan on immediately is a no-no in my books. I'm quite fair in the winter, thus going from milky-skin to Jersey Shore tan would be a bit too obvi. My best bet is a gradual tan, so the people around you won't notice a big difference at once and it will all look semi-natural. When I saw the Garnier SummerBody Moisturizing Lotion on offer at Boots I decided to take the jump and try the light sun-kissed version of this much raved about product. Pleasantly surprised by the scent - apricot-y, and the color pay-off is in one word: subtle.

Something less exciting, but still necessary: showergel. I love Dove's body products as they all smell amazing, this peach shower gel just lifts up my mood. It smells very nice, sweet but not too overbearing. Just my style.

What products have you been stocking up on for the summer?


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April 27, 2013

Chanel Les Beiges

The past month I made it my mission to make the most of Chanel Les Beiges. After all, it's been quite an investment... to say the least. My colleague asked me: so what exactly does this powder do? Well, it was a good 'un, as I didn't have an answer ready. I'd describe Les Beiges as a very light-weight powder that gives light to almost no coverage and leaves the most gorgeous soft-focus veil behind on your skin. Depending on the shade you get, you can use it also for as a bronzer and for contouring. I got mine in B30, which is a tad on the warmer side at the moment. I've gotten this shade with the summer in my mind, as I tan quite quickly. That, and because with this shade I can also use this in autumn/winter (when I'm more fair) as a bronzer/contour powder, which is exactly what I've been doing.

I've been really enjoying it as a contouring powder and top my tinted moisturizer and with a sweep of Les Beiges for a warm glow. It doesn't contain any shimmer, thus is perfect for touching up, and it leaves the most subtle radiance/glow on the skin. Good-bye powdery powders, make way for the new generation.

Have you gotten Les Beiges already, what were your thoughts?



April 24, 2013

French Pharmacy Bucket List

I'm a big lover and believer in French pharmacy brands, their skincare is just amazing and very reasonably priced. As the hype around the pharmacy brands is still not dying and many of you seem to like my French Pharmacy Haul post, I thought it'd be nice to make a bucket list for you with products you must get when you're in France. Highly recommend City Pharma in St. Germain when you're in Paris, but any other French pharmacy will do. All items are noted in alphabetical order.

AVÈNE EAU THERMALE I've mentioned this product before, in fact it has it's own designated post. This spray is just marvellous on a hot summer day to refresh the skin and make up. I cannot describe it exactly, but the spray spreads the product over your skin perfectly. Doesn't drag your make up down, nor does it leave your skin tight an blotchy.

BIODERMA CRÉALINE H2O Do I even need to justify this product? Bioderma has been going viral for many years and deserved it. This is my go-to make up remover, it's easy, hassle-free, and does the job very well. I tend to remove my make up with Bioderma and then follow up with a cleanser to clean my skin. It's fine you don't, it's just the way I think - make up remover removes make up, cleanser cleanses the skin. Quite logical, huh. 

CAUDALIE DIVINE OIL / NUXE HUILE PRODIGIEUSE I'm becoming one of those girls that are obsessed with oils. Oh my, and I'm in deep. I have both these oils and love them equally. Personally I wouldn't recommend them as a facial oil (though it's sold as a multi-purpose product), as when I asked the lovely lady in my go-to pharmacy if it was a good face oil for me, she looked at me like I had the crazy cow disease. And I trust her - she's a Parisienne! Both oils are divine for the body and smell amazing. Very nourishing and as they are a dry oil, they skin into the skin very quickly.

CAUDALIE BEAUTY ELIXIR Cult-classic, again. I love this to refreshen my face after a long day of uni/work. It smells amazing and the fragrance is very uplifting. I find that it revives my make up as well, similar to MAC's Fix + spray, but then more skin friendly. Personally, I haven't seen much skin improvements by using this as a toner, so I just have the smaller size in my on-the-go make up bag and a big one on my desk.

EMBRYOLISSE LAIT-CREME CONCENTRÉ I just simply cannot stop with the classics, I'm sorry. I've written about this cream many, many times on the blog. Even though I have combination-oily skin, this still works. I actually find this a great base for my make up in the winter, it's moisturizing and not heavy on the skin at all. However, in the summers I tend to switch to a gel moisturizer, as this can be a bit too rich for me.

LA ROCHE-POSAY ANTHELIOS XL SPF LRP is one of my favorite brands of drugstore skincare, they promise what they do and their packaging is clean and simple. Though their Effaclar range did not do much for me, I got on really well with their sun care range, Anthelios. This sunscreen is non-comodogenic (doesn't clog pores), oil-free and waterproof. Also, it has a SPF of 50+ to keep your skin protected from all those harmful UV rays. Big plus: it doesn't leave your skin white. They will soon be launching two new additions to their line, an oil and one that is quick absorbent.

MELVITA FACE OILS Continuing with the oil rave, Melvita has some amazing face oils. They have everything from Argan to Rosehip to Jojoba. All oils are natural and organic and depending on the oil, they each have different purposes. A little goes a long way, and I'm very pleased. Do keep in mind that this is not a dry oil, it doesn't contain any preservatives and is the first cold-pressed organic oil. It won't sink into the skin immediately, but when you wake up your skin will have absorbed all the goodies from the oil and your skin is plumped.

MELVITA TONERS I've been through many toners, and Melvita's toners are by far my favorite. They have a variety of fragrances that address different skin concerns. My favorite is their Rose Water Toner, which also smells amazing. It comes in a blue glass bottle with a spray cap, which is great for dispensing the product. As it's glass, it looks beautiful in your cabinet, down point is that it's quite heavy and inconvenient when you're travelling.

NUXE RÊVE DU MIEL LIP BALM Crème-de-la-crème of lip balms. Whether you get the chapstick or the balm in the tub, they both work wonderfully. I keep the chapstick in my purse and the tub at home. I lather it up quite heavily before going to bed and wake up with soft lips. It also is a great base for any lip product, as it isn't greasy so the product won't slip.

ROGER & GALLET SOAP I generally just like how their soaps look and are packaged, so this would be not a priority buy in my opinion. Roger & Gallet are renowned in France for their fragrances, which shines through their wide collection of body mists and soaps. I particularly like their Green Tea line. Their soaps come in a nifty hard case, which can dub as a soap box.

If you're not planning a trip to France any time soon, worry not, I got 'ya covered too. You can order the products either online or if you're based in London you can drop by Zest, John Bell & Croyden or The Garden Pharmacy. And if you're not: La Roche-Posay is stocked in Boots, and Caudalie and Melvita are also available on feelunique.com - free worldwide shipping. I hope this list will help all of you who are still so-called virgins in the French pharmacy world. Do tweet me your new purchases, I'd love to see what you've got :-).

Have you tried any of these product before, which products would you like to try?


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April 22, 2013

The Purple Paper Bag Happened

As I work full-time, weekends are my me-time days - be it sightseeing or shopping. Sadly for my bank account, it's the latter. As I was strolling around in Oxford Street/Soho I noticed a lot of people carrying Liberty's signature purple paper bag, and couldn't resist to stop by. Fast-forward going to their Beauty Halls, which equals heaven in my vocabulary, I had to refrain myself from buying everything they had there.

In need of a new under-eye concealer I saw myself struggling between my all-time fave Laura Mercier or the beloved blogger brand Bobbi Brown? After many walking many circles - Liberty's Beauty Hall is very small you know, I took the plunge. A few minutes later I walked out a woman one purple paper bag richer, with the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in it of course. I have used the concealer just once so far and am pleasantly surprised by how much I like this. Whether this will knock-down my Laura Mercier Secret Concealer I'm not sure, but it definitely is close.

Have you ever gotten anything at Liberty's Beauty Hall?


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April 20, 2013

A Protein Rich Diet

As I work in beauty PR, I get to talk about beauty while working. In the office we share our latest finds and struggles, and landed on the topic of my hair... again. My boss kindly reminded me that the reason  behind my hair loss and thinning might be because of my lack of protein, as hair is basically contains up to 90% protein. When thinking about it, back home my parents spoil me with all kinds of yummy, healthy protein rich food, and while I'm still cooking rather healthy I'd say, it's still no whereas protein rich as my diet back home.

So when I had the chance, I immediately started researching on foods that are protein rich. I'm a big lover for skincare, but a bigger believer in skin food. Slapping all kinds of products on your skin may be nice, but treating the core problem always starts from within. Having orientated myself, now I know which kinds of food I need to stock up on next time I do my groceries. Below you'll find a list with protein rich food I would see myself eating on a daily base and hopefully it'll help one of you if you are struggling with a similar problem.

  • Turkey (and chicken) breast
  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Low-fat mozzarella
  • Lean beef
  • Tofu
  • Beans
  • Eggs (especially egg whites)
  • Yoghurt 
  • Raw nuts

Call me silly, but before I thought that protein rich equaled fatty and weight gain, which is not true at all. In fact, it's very healthy and very diet friendly. If you're a vegetarian and are looking for a higher intake of protein, raw nuts are a great source of protein in your case. Fingers crossed changing my diet will result in getting my thick and voluminous manes back again.

Is your diet protein rich and will you be more conscious of protein rich food?



April 19, 2013

Weekend Wish List #3

This week's Weekend Wish List might be a tad longer than others, but hey, I blame it on my birthday. I've been browsing around in click-and-mortar style. The product I really am looking forward to try is The Pro Makeup Shop Makeup Brush Cleaner. I've been spot-cleaning my brushes with MAC's Brush Cleaner for over 3 years and have gone through a few bottles already - time for some change. I've heard many good things about this from Anna and it's a spray bottle! No more pouring too much product and make a mess each time I use it.

An item that got me really excited was Minus 417 Recovery Mud Mask. It's different from any regular mud mask you've ever tried or heard of. Why, you ask? Because you remove the mask with a magnet. A magnet! While the magnet will remove all kinds of impurities, it'll also stimulate the blood flow, which will result in plumped and youthful skin. Continuing on skincare, this works has recently launched a new skincare line called in transit. This line is especially for those that are on-the-go much and have to sit through long-haul flights. this works in transit camera close-up is described as a portable pick-me-up that evens, plumps and brightens instantly. I'll be flying to China this summer, thus will have to sit through a 12 hour flight, which equals to hell for my skin. This claims to erase signs of fatigue, boost hydration and prep the skin for photo perfect make up. It can be used as a moisturizer, mask and primer in one. 

The lovely Mel is totally to blame for this one, the way she described how she got on with the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask just made me want to have this in my life. I've always wanted to try something Manuka honey based, as it has many skin benefits. You guys know I've been struggling with my hair care a lot and when I accidentally bumped into Michael Clarke's 3 more inches Thickening Blow Dry Spray wit got me very excited. It has 'unique thickening agents with flexible memory' (their words not mine) are supposed to make the hair instantly fuller. A few sprays from root to mid-end will do. I love simplicity in hair care.

I've been always eyeing RMS products, putting them in and out of my basket, and have never made the splurge. The items that have been on my list since ages? RMS 'Un' Cover-up Concealer and RMS Lip2Cheek. I'm a sucker for all things multi-purpose and what can beat a product that's been raved about by my favorite aussie Miranda Kerr. I've also been discovering more spots in London lately and my last destination was Marylebone. I absolutely love that area and it's so different from the all-time busy Oxford Street. Not to forget, Marylebone also has a few beauty stores that make my heart race.

With a small flagship store in Marylebone it would be bad not to stop by fresh. to see what I've been missing out on. The reason for that is because it's so hard to get a hold of in the Netherlands and Paris (i.e. impossible). With two spritzes of their Brown Sugar Eau de Perfume I was sold - a very fresh perfume with some citrus in it that has a teeny tiny bit of sweetness to it. Love! With a variety of their award-winning tinted lipbalms I had to swatch them all, one that stole my heart? Sugar Rosé. Oh my, is the hefty price tag worth the splurge? It does contain SPF 15 if that helps...

What have you been longing for this week?



April 17, 2013

New To The Routine

As a beauty blogger I have an urge to try new things out and I also make it my duty to switch up my routine every now and then. Pure satisfactory. When it comes to skincare, I'm not that adventurous. If it works I do like to stick to it and don't want to expose my skin to a gazillion different things. Recently I've tried out a few new items and these were the once that made the cut to the routine. I do recommend if you're trying new products out, especially skincare, that you don't use it all at once. But try to limit the product changes at once, also it will give you a better idea of which product did what for your skin.

First up, face oil. I've been testing balance Me. Radiance Face Oil* for 3 weeks now, and have been loving it ever since. It's very different from any other oil I've tried before, as it's more a thick oil rather than runny. I use 4-5 drops to massage it in to my skin - upward circular motions if you're wondering. The oil smells amazing, the scent is very relaxing and herbally. It's 100% natural, sinks in quite fast and it's very light on the skin, yet moisturizing. On no make up days I just slap this on, let it sink in, and it leaves a very subtle and natural radiance. When I started using this oil, my jaw was horribly dry and had some rough patches. After a few days with this oil, it just vanished. I use it day and night and it works great as a make up base. I do skip any highlighting base products, as the oil does the job. My make up did not melt of my face, nor did it decrease the longevity of the products I'd used.

You know I do like my masks, especially when it's one that adds moisture to the skin. I'm sure you all are very familiar with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I've been hesitant to buy this, as I was afraid it'd break me out overnight, but this didn't happen. It made my skin feel plump the next morning and hydrated. If you're looking for a faster moisture boost, Aromatherapy Associates Rose Face Mask is the one you should be looking at. It's a clear gel and basically feels like rubbing water on your skin. It's very light, slightly rose scented and it dries up a bit tight. My skin looked and felt amazing after I removed the mask, definitely recommend this.

Prior to applying any face mask, I scrub my skin first to remove the dead skin cells and for the mask to work better. Botanicals Chamomile Facial Polish* is one I've been enjoying using, not only because it smells amazing, but also because it contains many beautiful ingredients and is containing 85% organic ingredients. The scrub contains some grainy bits, so be careful you don't put too much force when applying it. I tend to like scrubs more when it has bits in, as I feel it works better and I can adjust "the strength" of the product myself by adjusting the power I use to massage it into the skin. Chamomile is very calming for the skin, great if you're having congested skin or inflammation.
* PR samples

What have you added to your skincare routine?



April 15, 2013

What I've Been Up To #3

Apologies I haven't been updating you guys much, I really did intend to make it a bi-monthly post, but sometimes I've just been too busy and sometimes I just didn't have anything interesting to report. So to recap the past months in London in three words: it's. been. awesome. Okay, that's more than three words, but you get what I mean.

My internship has been really great. I'm working with such a lovely team, I couldn't be more happy with them and am just so blessed honestly. Besides my colleagues, I'm really enjoying my time as a PR intern. To be more specific, as a beauty PR intern. You guys know it, beauty is basically my life and I'm determined to make it my future. This internship is yet another confirmation that the beauty industry is one I'd love to work in after graduation. While interning here I've been given the possibility to visit the odd beauty event and am loving it so far. Also moving to London has given me, and my blog better opportunities and I feel like I'm slowly growing, but steadily.

I hope to provide more interesting posts for you guys and hope to improve my photography skills along the way. I do feel that as I'm moving to different countries, cultures I'm growing as a person and am so grateful for my parents to give me such an opportunity. It wouldn't have been possible without their support all this time, when I was in Paris and now in London. After two months and a bit, I unfortunately have to say I still haven't picked up the British slang yet, so disappointing... Now I'm off to give myself a mini-mani right now, after all it's my birthday tomorrow today :-) Literally leaving my teens behind. Exciting, but then again... it takes away my excuse of being overly silly. Ta-ta for now!

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick

One thing I love the most about Soap & Glory is the creativity behind their product names. I mean... Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick, simply brilliant. I got this in Boots the other day, as they had a 3 for 2 offer going on. These gloss sticks have been dubbed as the new Clinique Chubby Sticks, but then more affordable and with a smaller color range, only 3 to be precise. I got the shade Fuchsia-Ristic. See, I told you they got brilliant names.

It looks like a very vibrant and orange in the stick, but once applied it's a very sheer pinkish/coral, which would be flattering for most skin tones. If I had to compare it, I'd say it's very close to Benefit's ChaCha tint - but easier to apply and more moisturizing. I'm telling you, applying this is a dream, no mirrors needed. Though it is like a tinted lip balm, it's very buildable. So if you'd like to go for a heavier look, it'd still be possible to apply several layers. The balm contains a very light scent that I somehow link with Tic Tac's, the scent vaporizes once it's applied on the lips.

As the product is quite sheer, the color is not very long-lasting, though it does stain the lips a bit and leaves a flattering hint of color behind. You won't need to worry on how to sharpen this product, as you can just twist the bottom of the stick to get more balm - just like a chubby stick. All in all, I'm very pleased with this product and rather impressed with my first encounter with Soap & Glory make up products. Already keeping an eye out for the other two colors available. This is getting dangerous...

Have you ever tried this product before, and if not: would you?


Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick £8.99

April 13, 2013

Dr. Jart+ Waterfuse Beauty Balm

I know I'm a bit late to the Dr. Jart+ BB cream craze, but I still wanted to add my 2 cents to the table. I'm sure you all are familiar with the term BB cream. For those that aren't, the double B stands for 'Blemish Balm'. It's originated from Germany, but it was picked up by South-Korea, which created the buzz for the past 5 years. BB creams were were originally developed as a perfect post-procedure cream used to treat, hydrate, prime, protect, and camouflage the skin.

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm is sold as a one-step skin perfecting balm that minimizes the need for foundation or concealer, and I personally couldn't describe it better than that. It's a very easy to work-in texture, between a cream and gel, and blends in with the skin flawlessly. It has a natural dewy finish, not too shiny or glowy - that being said from a combination/oily skin kinda gal. For me it's the perfect spring-summer product as it's the perfect shade match, oil-free, includes SPF25 that protect the skin from a broad range of UVA and UVB radiation, and leaves the skin looking smooth and natural. Also, with this on I usually don't use as much concealer as it covers quite a lot of redness, I just add a bit on my blemishes if they still show up.

Pitfall? The shade range. It's a one color fits all, which obviously does not work for all. Though it is very easy to blend in, it will fit quite a few skin tones on the lighter end of the spectrum, but the very pale girls or the very dark skinned girls won't be able to work this. Besides this, I don't have any thing bad to say. The packaging is clean, hygienic and travel-friendly. It has a lovely scent, it's affordable and above all - it's widely distributed all over the UK and Ireland. You'll find Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm in Boots for £18.

What is your favorite BB cream?



April 12, 2013

Because I Feel Like It

Do you know those days where you just feel like browsing through the Net even though you're not supposed to spend any money and all the things you're looking at are way out of your price range? Well, today is one of those days, just because I feel like it. I think I spent an hour on Shopbop.com browsing through their page looking at beautiful things. I stumbled upon quite some nice things and thought I might as well share them with you :-).

What's been on top of your wish list?



April 9, 2013

LUSH BIG Shampoo

You know the feeling when you're massaging in shampoo and your hair slowly feels thicker and... well, bigger? That's the feeling I get every time I wash my hair with LUSH BIG Shampoo and I bloody love it. It contains sea salt, lemon, seaweed, some oils and a bunch of SLS. Yes, SLS as in Sodium Laureth Sulfate, the agent that makes shampoo foam, the agent that we all hate - yet seem not be able to live without. I'll be blunt, I love shampoo that foams up no matter how bad it actually is for my hair. After my Aveda switch to shampoo, which is all natural, organic, SLS free - only beautiful things, using shampoo that actually foams is very refreshing. As it foams up very easily, a little goes a long way.

Coming back to its ingredients list, the sea salt in the shampoo are huge chunks that strangely enough dissolve while shampooing your hair, without being harsh on the scalp. My scalp tends to get greasy very fast and this is the only shampoo I've tried in three years (yes, three years) that actually kept my hair clean for longer than just a day. I tend to wash my hair every other day and with this shampoo I can actually survive the day without using tons of dry shampoo. I love the scent, it's quite fresh and not too floral/fruity like the standard drugstore ones. For me the only point of criticism is the packaging. I just don't like the idea of scooping out shampoo from a pot, especially since water will make contact with the product, as it's natural I'm not sure if that'd affect the products expiry date.
image c/o lush.co.uk

Have you ever tried LUSH BIG Shampoo and what were your thoughts on it?



April 8, 2013

Essie Mint Candy Apple

I'm pretty sure you all know I have a slight weakness for minty shades lately. That paired with my crazy habit of changing my nail polish on an almost daily basis, I knew I had to paint my nails in Essie Mint Candy Apple. For some odd reason I was not able to capture the polish's true color. It looks very light/pastel blue, but it's more turquoise in real life. I'm absolutely smitten with it. To describe the color, I'd say it's a bit more blue toned and a more vibrant version of Essie Absolutely Shore, which is a more muted pastel green. 

The polish applies like any other Essie polish - very easy. It also is opaque, two and a half coat will do for me. I do take my time with this color and let it dry slowly, layer for layer. If you have this polish with the new brush it'll be a bliss to apply and will probably just take seconds to have your nails done. I seriously cant stop looking at my nails as the color immediately puts me in a good mood. That, and I just had a DIY mani, which I hope you can see. That is, in a positive way... You know what I mean ;-). 

What do you think of Essie Mint Candy Apple?



April 6, 2013

REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask

After having tried many, many clarifying mud masks, I have certainly made a list of those that were worth the purchase and those that weren't. Unfortunately for me, and my bank account, many of the masks I've tried were not worth repurchasing, and some even are still being left in the very back of an unopened drawer. Luckily, REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask does not go into that category and let me tell you why.

Unlike many clarifying mud masks, it doesn't dry out the skin while drying out the blemish. It claims to reduce pore size and redness, to prevent break outs and to leave the skin looking clear and even-toned. I can't say it does all that for me, as I haven't noticed any difference in the size of my pores nor have I noticed that using this mask aided in minimizing the appearance of my hyper pigmentation. Taking that all aside, it does a hell of a job in reducing blemishes, decongesting the skin and to reduce break outs. As I said, it doesn't dry out the skin. In fact, after 30 minutes I wash the mask off and my skin feels plump, moisturized and very smooth - my skin almost feels like I had a facial done.

The consistency of the product is thick, more like a cream and you won't need too much to cover your entire face. I like to put on a generous amount and just massage that in and breathe in the smell of the mask. I personally love the scent, it's very calming and relaxing. It's herbally, but in a good way. I want to be really clear on something: don't expect it to zap away your blemishes immediately, because it won't and I doubt any product would be able to do that. What it does is making the blemish less irritated, less red and can reduce the size (and appearance) of the blemish. This all doesn't happen in just 30 minutes. It has to be paired with a good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle. So what makes it different from the gazillion other mud masks you say? Besides that it actually clears up the skin, and while doing that it is not drying out the skin it also doesn't contain any nasties. Parabens? Nope. Sulfates? Pas du tout. Synthetic fragrances? Nada

If you're interested in trying the mask, you can either ask your nearest REN counter for a small sample or buy one of their starter kits to try out the entire Clear Calm 3 line (they also have sets for dry, combination and normal skin).

Have you ever tried REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask before?


REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask £30

April 3, 2013

7 Things I've Been Loving (March 2013)

In March I've been opting for a bit more coverage in my foundation, don't ask me why, and I've been loving Chanel Perfection Lumière Foundation for that. It's the perfect shade for me, I'm 30 Beige fyi, and it just creates that almost flawless-skin effect. If I would like to have a heavier coverage, I'd be able to achieve that with this foundation. I actually like to keep the coverage quite light by buffing it in really well and then top up with a concealer on any redness, spots or hyper pigmentation I have left.

Continuing to achieve the flawless make up look, I have been obsessed with corals on the lips. Sheer corals that is. My favorite has to be Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in 09. It is not a balm actually, don't ask me why they named it that way. It is a very nice lip gloss that gives the perfect hit of peach to the lips and is very moisturizing without being too heavy on the lips. The gloss is very build-able if you want to have a bit more color on the lips. It can go from "my lipcolor but better" to a gorgeous peachy-pink. Another combination I've been swearing by is Benefit ChaCha Tint with Benefit Coralista Lipgloss layered on top. I love both these products individually, but they make one heck of a team to really give that fresh Girl Next Door vibe - and it creates a semi long-lasting stain when layered.

We all know make up can only do so much to create flawless skin, and this is where skincare steps in. My favorite this month? REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask by far. I've been slapping this on religiously twice a week - Wednesday and Sunday are my mask days if you're interested. Followed by this I either use Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask, which is great for brightening purposes or Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask. On a good day, as in if I have the time, I'd use them all 3 in that same order: clarifying, brightening, moisturizing. My skin has been looking really well these past few weeks and I'm pretty sure it's because of this combination. Another step I've added to my routine is Flaxseed Oil Supplements, I got mine at Holland & Barrett but I think any brand would do. Flaxseeds contain Omega 3, 6 and 9, decrease inflammation, can get rid of dry skin and acne, and it boosts your immune system. I just pop one capsule twice a day with my breakfast and diner. You can also buy the liquid form of the oil and have 2 tbs a day - bought it for my mum and she cringes every time when she takes it. Not recommended for newbies.

Before boring you with all skincare and make up products, my last favorite is actually a hair product - the infamous Tangle Teezer. I know I'm a bit late to the rave-train, say what... 4 years? I just never saw the need of splurging on a hairbrush as mine worked just fine - so I thought, until I tried this baby! I received the Tangle Teezer Compact* in the Grazia x John Lewis goodie bag. Though the 'gold' plating would not be my first choice, it didn't put me off trying. It totally took me by surprise that it actually did what the hype is about. I can totally see a difference in hair loss/breakage when using any other cheap drugstore brush I've tried and this. I'm telling you ladies, this one is definitely worth the splurge...

What have you been loving this month?


After writing this entire post I just realized that I ended up with 9 favorites this month. You just have to see the masks as an individual product ;-)

April 1, 2013

Every Girl Needs A Bit Of Chanel

... that seems to be me life motto at this moment. I've always lusted for Chanel cosmetics - I mean who doesn't. But lately I've been really acting upon that urge. I'm telling you, my bank account is suffering... a lot.

I checked out what duty-free had to offer me when I was at Heathrow and I found myself surrounded by beauty everywhere. Taking that into account, I find that I managed to pull myself together quite well, as I only walked away one Chanel lipstick richer. Not planned to get a lipstick, not to mention it being from Chanel, but a random swatch made me fall in love with Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Monte-Carlo. It looks like a dark red, but it's a very natural and glossy reddish lipstick when applied, one that is very build able - being able to go from a natural hint of red or a nice red lip.

When I went shopping with my mum and sister this Saturday we popped into ICI Paris XL (a Belgium beauty retail chain) as they had a "Family and Friends" sale and browsed around. Having my eyes on the Chanel Les Beiges powder, I decided in seconds that, that was coming home with me. And I mean... have you seen the packaging? Gorge! I got the powder in N30, which seems scarily dark in the pan, but as it's such a sheer powder it gives my skin a healthy boost. The brush that comes with it is amazingly soft, but quite useless for applying the powder. Les Beiges can also be used as bronzer or for shaping when applied heavier - me love some multi-purpose products. Gives you more for your buck... at least that's what I'm telling myself ;-).

What are your thoughts on Chanel cosmetics?


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine €31/£23 | Chanel Les Beiges €48/£38
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