April 1, 2013

Every Girl Needs A Bit Of Chanel

... that seems to be me life motto at this moment. I've always lusted for Chanel cosmetics - I mean who doesn't. But lately I've been really acting upon that urge. I'm telling you, my bank account is suffering... a lot.

I checked out what duty-free had to offer me when I was at Heathrow and I found myself surrounded by beauty everywhere. Taking that into account, I find that I managed to pull myself together quite well, as I only walked away one Chanel lipstick richer. Not planned to get a lipstick, not to mention it being from Chanel, but a random swatch made me fall in love with Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Monte-Carlo. It looks like a dark red, but it's a very natural and glossy reddish lipstick when applied, one that is very build able - being able to go from a natural hint of red or a nice red lip.

When I went shopping with my mum and sister this Saturday we popped into ICI Paris XL (a Belgium beauty retail chain) as they had a "Family and Friends" sale and browsed around. Having my eyes on the Chanel Les Beiges powder, I decided in seconds that, that was coming home with me. And I mean... have you seen the packaging? Gorge! I got the powder in N30, which seems scarily dark in the pan, but as it's such a sheer powder it gives my skin a healthy boost. The brush that comes with it is amazingly soft, but quite useless for applying the powder. Les Beiges can also be used as bronzer or for shaping when applied heavier - me love some multi-purpose products. Gives you more for your buck... at least that's what I'm telling myself ;-).

What are your thoughts on Chanel cosmetics?


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine €31/£23 | Chanel Les Beiges €48/£38


  1. Oh, I couldn't agree more. That lipstick shade looks delish, might just have to pop into my local Debenhams for a splurge ;)



    1. Ha ha, do let me know if you get it or not, I'm sure it'll look lovely on you! x

  2. I love chanel! my boyfriend bought me a blush last year and oh god, it's longlasting, its satin yet it doesnt make your face shine and even if its expensive it lasts so long!

    I love the new packaging :D


    1. Ooh lucky you, that boy is a keeper ;-). Their blushes are one of my faves, definitely planning to buy more, ha. x


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