April 17, 2013

New To The Routine

As a beauty blogger I have an urge to try new things out and I also make it my duty to switch up my routine every now and then. Pure satisfactory. When it comes to skincare, I'm not that adventurous. If it works I do like to stick to it and don't want to expose my skin to a gazillion different things. Recently I've tried out a few new items and these were the once that made the cut to the routine. I do recommend if you're trying new products out, especially skincare, that you don't use it all at once. But try to limit the product changes at once, also it will give you a better idea of which product did what for your skin.

First up, face oil. I've been testing balance Me. Radiance Face Oil* for 3 weeks now, and have been loving it ever since. It's very different from any other oil I've tried before, as it's more a thick oil rather than runny. I use 4-5 drops to massage it in to my skin - upward circular motions if you're wondering. The oil smells amazing, the scent is very relaxing and herbally. It's 100% natural, sinks in quite fast and it's very light on the skin, yet moisturizing. On no make up days I just slap this on, let it sink in, and it leaves a very subtle and natural radiance. When I started using this oil, my jaw was horribly dry and had some rough patches. After a few days with this oil, it just vanished. I use it day and night and it works great as a make up base. I do skip any highlighting base products, as the oil does the job. My make up did not melt of my face, nor did it decrease the longevity of the products I'd used.

You know I do like my masks, especially when it's one that adds moisture to the skin. I'm sure you all are very familiar with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I've been hesitant to buy this, as I was afraid it'd break me out overnight, but this didn't happen. It made my skin feel plump the next morning and hydrated. If you're looking for a faster moisture boost, Aromatherapy Associates Rose Face Mask is the one you should be looking at. It's a clear gel and basically feels like rubbing water on your skin. It's very light, slightly rose scented and it dries up a bit tight. My skin looked and felt amazing after I removed the mask, definitely recommend this.

Prior to applying any face mask, I scrub my skin first to remove the dead skin cells and for the mask to work better. Botanicals Chamomile Facial Polish* is one I've been enjoying using, not only because it smells amazing, but also because it contains many beautiful ingredients and is containing 85% organic ingredients. The scrub contains some grainy bits, so be careful you don't put too much force when applying it. I tend to like scrubs more when it has bits in, as I feel it works better and I can adjust "the strength" of the product myself by adjusting the power I use to massage it into the skin. Chamomile is very calming for the skin, great if you're having congested skin or inflammation.
* PR samples

What have you added to your skincare routine?




  1. I was sent the Balance Me Radiance Oil to try to and am just about to start on it - I received some Nourish goodies at the same time, so have been trying them out first (their Argan Skin Rescue is lovely!), didn't want to bombard my skin with too many different things, especially with the troubles I've been having!
    How strange, the packaging of your Origins mask is completely different to mine, and all the others I've seen!? Is it new, do you know? I have to say, this mask smells incredibly, but unfortunately I think it was a bit of a catayst for my breakout, as it contains coconut oil, which my skin will not accept!
    Mel xx


    1. Yes, do let me know how you get on with it. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do :-). Ooh I'm always in for a good Argan oil, I must check that brand out!

      The Origins is indeed a new packaging, this is a smaller size and a more "eco-friendly" packaging (i.e. recycled plastic). Not sure if it's limited edition, but saw some of their other best-sellers in a similar packaging as well. I hope your skin is doing better now! x


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