April 15, 2013

What I've Been Up To #3

Apologies I haven't been updating you guys much, I really did intend to make it a bi-monthly post, but sometimes I've just been too busy and sometimes I just didn't have anything interesting to report. So to recap the past months in London in three words: it's. been. awesome. Okay, that's more than three words, but you get what I mean.

My internship has been really great. I'm working with such a lovely team, I couldn't be more happy with them and am just so blessed honestly. Besides my colleagues, I'm really enjoying my time as a PR intern. To be more specific, as a beauty PR intern. You guys know it, beauty is basically my life and I'm determined to make it my future. This internship is yet another confirmation that the beauty industry is one I'd love to work in after graduation. While interning here I've been given the possibility to visit the odd beauty event and am loving it so far. Also moving to London has given me, and my blog better opportunities and I feel like I'm slowly growing, but steadily.

I hope to provide more interesting posts for you guys and hope to improve my photography skills along the way. I do feel that as I'm moving to different countries, cultures I'm growing as a person and am so grateful for my parents to give me such an opportunity. It wouldn't have been possible without their support all this time, when I was in Paris and now in London. After two months and a bit, I unfortunately have to say I still haven't picked up the British slang yet, so disappointing... Now I'm off to give myself a mini-mani right now, after all it's my birthday tomorrow today :-) Literally leaving my teens behind. Exciting, but then again... it takes away my excuse of being overly silly. Ta-ta for now!


  1. Love the post, i exactly know how it feels when there is work, alot of work and when blogging takes a back seat, but nevertheless I guess we love this, that's why take time out and write. Hoping to read some interesting posts here ;) Also i am Following you via gfc now, follow me back?


    1. I do. Blogging is something I enjoy a lot. I can really ramble on and on about beauty for hours ;-). Hope to see you back! Left you a comment on your blog. x

  2. Great blog,lots of interesting posts:-) keep going good:-) Do visit my blog,if you like,follow on GFC, Bloglovin,Instagram and i'll surely follow back:-)

    1. Thanks babe, means a lot to me :-). Left you a comment on your blog. x


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