June 30, 2013

Good-bye to the Old

It's been a while since Google announced that Google Reader will be leaving us as of July 1st. Sad, but not dreadful, as there are many alternatives to the latter. To ensure your regular dose of beauty rambles and other shenanigans, I have noted the easiest ways for you to follow me. As simple as ABC and just one, two, three clicks away.

Is most probably the easiest tool to follow me, and the most similar to Google Reader. Just a click away, it gives you a great overview of all the blogs you're following. Bloglovin also gives you the option to import all your Google Reader blogs to your Bloglovin following list, so you don't have to find each blog individually - so smart as it'll save you heaps of time.

To be kept up to date with my latest post, adventures and random happenings, you can follow me on twitter. Basically my daily outlet for, well... everything. I'll try to keep it as entertaining (and relevant) for you and won't spam you - promise. Do drop me a tweet if you're a follower and a beauty addict, just like yours truly.

Photography is one of my other interests besides beauty. I'll capture anything noteworthy or interesting that has come across - be it beauty, stationary, scenery and I might even take you through a tour in London and wherever I'll end up next. I'm voting for New York City! Oh a girl can dream...


June 28, 2013

If I had £50...

Tags. Generally a pain in the bum to write thanks to the page filling useless rules. When the lovely Lauren tagged me for this tag, I was very intrigued by the title and when I saw that the guidelines of the tag were amazingly simple, I knew I had to do this. £50 is a lot of money to spend, but as greedy as I am, it was quite the challenge to put a page-filling list together.

A bit cheeky, but I amended the rules a bit to my preference as in not just creating a list from one brand - that just doesn't make any sense does it? Having £50 doesn't mean I have to limit myself to just one shop, so yes... I cheated and mingled bits and pieces from e.g. Boots,  Feel Unique, Lush, Cult Beauty.


June 26, 2013

New To The Routine #2

As I often am asked about my skincare routine, I thought I'd do a second post on the skincare bits that have been added to my routine lately. I've had to shift somethings in and out as my skin has changed a bit (i.e. hormonal breakouts in the worst form possible). I've added more soothing, spot removing and correcting products to aid my skin in its recovery process. Now a 4-5 weeks later, I'm almost spot-free (only the occasional spot) and actually have dewy and radiant skin. Not perfect, but way better than it was before - thanks to this super league of products.


June 25, 2013

Clinique Moisture Favourites


Travel sets. I bloody luuurve those nifty kits. Most of the time it's very economical (I'm Dutch, so excuse me if I'm always in for a good bargain), you get to try other products through a deluxe sample/travel size and you get a mini bag with it. Now those bags won't get my excited, but the rest will. I snagged this one up from Clinique at John Lewis when they had a 10% price match going on - bargain


June 23, 2013

Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Raven

Living in London costs me buckets of money, paired with a full-time unpaid internship and an unhealthy addiction for all things beauty doesn't make life easier. After a good 4 months of breaking the bank I decided I really had to stop spending loads of money and put myself on a spending ban. Everything went quite well for a week or so, until last Bank Holiday Monday... While venturing into Clapham and discovery many cool restaurants (which I'll visit soon with my mate) I caught myself wandering into Space NK. The caption "bye-bye spending ban and hello guilty pleasure" would fit this moment spot on. 30 seconds and 4 swatches later, I was sold to Hourglass Opaque Rouge in RavenBam. Sometimes life is just that simple.


June 21, 2013

Weekend Wish List #5

As a beauty blogger I make it my weekly mission to spit through stores, magazines and web shops to accumulate the coolest products that I claim to need. Which I of course don't really need, depending on the situation and my reasoning. However, this week's list is slowly but surely making it onto my 'to buy list next time I go shopping'. I'm telling you, when it's on that list, it's on that list.

June 18, 2013

DIY At-Home Mani

Nails. One of the first impressions you make on a person as it say so much about you - the colour, length, condition of your nails, the state of your cuticles, etc. That's why taking good care of them is very important in my books. After all you don't want people to stare at them for the wrong reasons. I'm very lucky that I have strong, long and fast-growing nails, despite having damaged them with many chemicals over the years - thanks mum - and that's why I can appreciate a good manicure. With a hectic lifestyle as mine, spending an hour on nails is just not an option. The products mentioned below just make a short (yet very effective) DIY home-mani possible without breaking the bank. 


June 17, 2013

Wakey Wakey!

I've been a bit MIA last week - simply was too busy over the past week and I wasn't able to post as regularly. Apologies for that, hope you didn't miss me too much. I don't really like pre-writing posts, unless I'm on holidays, but besides that I like to write on the spot and when inspiration comes flying over. Candid, much?

Last week, work was very chaotic with many things to prep for the event we were hosting - all turned out well luckily. Also met with a girlfriend in Chinatown last week to blow off some steam and had dinner in the only Dutch pub in London - seriously, they should have more here. Last weekend I had the pleasure of having one of my best friends from back home over (if you're reading this: Hiya!).


June 12, 2013

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser

Who doesn't want a miracle to happen and get beautiful skin. Well, with the condition my skin is now, I certainly do. So when Aurelia offered to send me a sample of their Miracle Cleanser* to try, I of course said yes. First impressions: very good. I mean... look at that pink ribbon!


June 11, 2013

Picture (Not So) Perfect

Pictures, the first thing I pay attention to when I visit a blog. It's so important, I know. Now I know that my pictures have not been amazing throughout my journey with blogging. I'll be very frank with you, when I first started I know it was very crap from all perspectives. Then I moved to Paris, a big room with shitty lighting. Started to grab the essence of photography and how I like things to look, but then moved to London: in the smallest room ever (I occasionally describe it as living in a shoebox) with the weirdest (and very limited) lighting, which is the reason for the odd lighting in the latest range of pictures. Too yellow, too blue, blurry, sketchy background - all that kind of jazz.


June 8, 2013

Weekend Wish List #4

I guess I can say I'm a greedy person and these Weekend Wish Lists prove my point. This week a random mixture between tech-y items, beauty and literature.


June 5, 2013

The Clear Skin Cookbook

It's no surprise to you all that I'm a big believer in treating the skin from within and when I got the chance to review this book, I grabbed it with both hands. My skin has been acting up very badly, meaning I've gotten very bad break outs. Slowly going through this book, I think I've become more conscious on what I eat and what I buy in the supermarket. And like Caroline once said: "99% of what your face is showing comes from you stomach - everything that goes in you gut shows on your face". So without further ado, let's crack on...


June 3, 2013

Bourjois Cream Blushes

I think I speak for many of us that the launch of the Bourjois Cream Blush might've been one of the most exciting beauty launches recently. Having gotten the hang of applying cream blushes now, I had to check out these babes. Launched 150 years after their signature powder blush, Bourjois have impressed me very much with this collection. All blushes are in very subtle and soft pink/coral hues - perfect for spring/summer.

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