June 11, 2013

Picture (Not So) Perfect

Pictures, the first thing I pay attention to when I visit a blog. It's so important, I know. Now I know that my pictures have not been amazing throughout my journey with blogging. I'll be very frank with you, when I first started I know it was very crap from all perspectives. Then I moved to Paris, a big room with shitty lighting. Started to grab the essence of photography and how I like things to look, but then moved to London: in the smallest room ever (I occasionally describe it as living in a shoebox) with the weirdest (and very limited) lighting, which is the reason for the odd lighting in the latest range of pictures. Too yellow, too blue, blurry, sketchy background - all that kind of jazz.

I feel that I'm almost losing you in this post, so to come back to the point: what I wanted to say is that I'm sorry for the wacky pictures. I'm starting to get the hang of it for real, so keep your eye out for the coming posts. Oh, and please anticipate a very exciting update!



  1. Ahh don't worry about it, happens to us all. I'm lucky at the moment in that it's permanently sunny in Brazil, but not sure how I'll fare when I'm back in the perpetually grey and drizzly UK! Ha. Oh well, we can only try :)
    Mel xx


    1. Oh lucky you! Sun has come and disappeared already. Has been so gloomy and rainy past few days... I'm sure you'll have a hard time getting used to the weather. x

  2. That so cool that you moved to Paris! Lucky you!

    - Janine

    1. Yes, definitely. Living in Paris was amazing and would love to move back! x


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