July 9, 2013

Cheerio, London

cheer·i·o [CHi(ə)rēˈō] - Used as an expression of good wishes on parting; goodbye.

Good-byes. That's what this post will be about. Good-bye to my Amazing internship, my time abroad and well... to London. Last Sunday I moved house to the Netherlands. Very excited, for the next chapter in my life, but I know I will miss this beautiful, eclectic and amazing city called London. The diversity, the vibrant areas and most importantly, the amazing options for (high-street) shopping.

Watch this space for an exciting update (it's a huge one, promise) and more beauty related posts. Oh, and travel essentials of course. Have I mentioned that I will spend my Summer in Asia? Cheerio, London. Hello Asian Skincare Heaven.

So, where are you heading to next?


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  1. Oh no, you've gone! I hope you had an amazing time, sounds like you really enjoyed it. What's next for you work-wise?
    Asia sounds fantastic, whereabouts are you going? Very jealous!
    I have been rubbish with all-things blogging lately and am completely out of the loop, got some catching up to do!
    Mel xx


    1. Yes I had. Work wise, I just landed myself another intership just for the Summer. Once uni starts, I'll continue studying and will prep for my Graduation Assignment - lots of things to do and plan. I'm very looking forward to go to Asia. Will be going to China and Hong Kong and visit family mainly (I'll squeak in some major shopping days of course).

      I haven't been able to do any writing for the blog lately with the move and uni. Hope I'll be getting some writing done soon! x

  2. wow congrats on the internship!

    - Janine


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