August 31, 2013

SAMPAR Cosmakeup Glamour Shot

With the "no make up" look being more and more popular and me trying to embrace my skin more, barely there make up is highly requested. And if skincare can help to cheat my way through, I'm in. All in. SAMPAR Glamour Shot Face and Eye are described to be the equivalent to your foundation and under eye concealer, but without a tint. Yes, hold that thought. 


August 29, 2013

balance Me. Skin-Quenching Body Collection

It's no secret that I'm a lover of good sets. Ones that make my heart skip a beat are those especially for traveling, as I detest decanting my full size products in small tubs. I can justify all this because mini's are just too cute and most of the time they are one heck of a deal too. When I got sent balance Me. Skin-Quenching Body Collection* just in time for my holidays, you could imagine that these were immediately tossed into my suitcase. Which is one of the smartest things I packed with me.


August 28, 2013

What I've Been Loving (August 2013)

August was a great month for me. I've spend half the month traveling in Asia and half the month relaxing back home. I had a great time when I was traveling in Asia and also managed to pick up some great souvenirs, as I like to call them. I'll be very sad when September comes as it means that Uni will start and as it's my final year, the pressure is on. This month's favourites is a selection of bits that I've mostly been using during my holidays when I was out and about and just some general things I've been using back home to relax and pamper myself.


August 26, 2013

Le Blush Crème de Chanel

Cream blushes. I have to admit, I used to be a no-cream blush-person, but ever after trying Laura Mercier Bonne Trio I'm hooked. As Chanel can do no wrong, I had to get my hands on the Cream Blushes from Chanel's Superstition Collection this fall. A mark in my agenda a month ago, a whirl in Hong Kong Airport's duty-free section and I'd settled (after hours of debating) with no less than one beautiful shade: Affinite.


August 24, 2013

Not For Me's

Testing. As a beauty obsessed person, I'm very guilty of trying a lot of products, where a selection of them are influenced by hypes around the Net. Everyone is different and some products may or may not work the way on you, as it does for others - I hope I'm still making sense here! So instead of naming it 'disappointing' I'm just calling it 'not for me'. I still believe in most of these brands featured, it's just that these particular products didn't work the way for me it did for others...


August 22, 2013

Summer Holiday Haul

As promised, a small haul on the things I got during my adventures in Asia. I didn't have the chance to spit through all the places I wanted to with the limited time I had, but I think I still managed to pull it off to get some fairly exciting bits. To even it all out (and make me less of a beauty maniac) it isn't all beauty. I ended up getting some beauty tools, stationary and books during my trip and am really happy with them. Just a bit disorganised as I have no idea how I'm going to fit this all in my room…


August 20, 2013

My Summer Adventures

As so many of you were very interested in my holidays, I thought I'd put an image heavy post together to share this with you all. I went to China and Hong Kong fyi. Okay, I'll be honest - it wasn't really an adventure - it just sounds a bit cooler. I mainly went to visit my family over there and celebrate my grammy's 70th birthday.

I've been hiking, enjoyed the nature, visited a lot of temples (it was a literal temple run that day) and left the country side to go to hectic, buzzing cities such as Guangzhou and Hong Kong. 

I had so much fun in China and was really looking forward to go to Hong Kong, as I hadn't been there for 6 years and I just knew that I'd be able to go crazy with shopping on beauty over there. Sadly for me the first 2 days were packed with visits, lunches and dinners with family and friends and on my third (and last) day there was a level 8 cyclone. Meaning the entire island was basically shut off, literally. Couldn't do a thing, so we headed to the airport earlier (as in: 8 hours in advance) and I was able to still pick some bits up over there. Keep your eyes peeled for a holiday beauty haul!


August 17, 2013

The Next Chapter

Just wanted to let you know that I'm back from my vacation in Asia (more on that soon). Thank goodness I've scheduled in some posts in advance, as it was impossible to access Blogger and twitter because of censorship. The past few weeks I've been 'secretly' working on a project involving the next big step for my blog. You've guessed it right, a re-design. This is the first time I'm actually outsourcing this and the lovely Angelina had to look at all my sketches and rambles, which lead to the creation of my newest layout (which will be public soon). We're only crossing the T's and dotting the I's, so I'm expecting it to be up and running in a few days. Seriously can't wait to show the new design to you guys!

This new look will go along side with a new place and name. That's right, I'm moving to a new domain. While moving, I've decided that I won't be writing under the name 'RAVES 'ND RAMBLINGS' anymore and will continue under '9 OUT OF TEN'. This is purely because I can see my blog going to the next steps with this name and the meaning behind this name makes more sense to me (will explain it all once the new pages are up).

You will still be able to access my blog through the current link, as you will be redirected to my new domain: I hope you're just as excited for the new look and next stage of the blog as I am. Write you soon, babes!


August 12, 2013

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream

Japan. Besides having introduced us to amazing (and healthy) food, cute cartoons and many tech-y things, they are very good in skincare too. Unfortunately, most products are not (very) accessible in Europe, so you could imagine my excitement when I saw Yu-Be, a cult-Japanese brand, stocked in Boots, Space N.K. and Cult Beauty (for my Dutch readers: Alice & Jo stock Yu-Be's full range as well).


August 10, 2013

Amie Skin Shield Daily Moisturiser SPF15

Sunscreen. I'm pretty positive I'm not the only gal out here who sometimes coincidentally forgets to apply SPF after slapping my moisturiser on. You must be wondering why I don't opt for a facial moisturiser that already contains a sun protrction in already. Well, that is because those creams only protect you against UVB rays, meaning you won't burn, but will get wrinkles and still get sun damage. Most creams is not Amie's Skin Shield Daily Moisturiser, which contains a SPF 15 and gives both UVB, UVA protection.


August 8, 2013

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Hair. We all know I'm not much of a hair person, but with this much buzz around Oribe product, I had to jump ship. With still some balance left on my Space N.K. gift card, I caved and left the store one Dry Texturising Spray richer. Va-va-voom volume, be mine.


August 4, 2013

Super Facialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Brighten Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils. After the Miscellar Water buzz, cleansing oils have become the next-big-thing in the beauty industry. With this many choices in the Cleanser aisle, it sure is very overwhelming. One nod of Caroline later, I settled with the Super Facialist by Úna Brennan Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil. Which sure is a whole lot of words for just one product.


August 1, 2013

Le Soft Perfume Le Petit Fou

Don't we all love anything French or even better... Parisian? Well, I do. I'm a big advocate for everything French, be it wine, pastries, cosmetics, designers and perfume is also one of them. Where full-size bottles are too bulky and heavy, minis too small and Travalo's are too much of a hassle, that's where Le Soft Perfume's Le Petit Fou come in - a selection of Parisian chic solid balm fragrances.

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