September 9, 2013

Must-Try -
Super Gorgeous September #9

Ever since I picked up Mavala Double-Lash when I lived in Paris, I've been hooked. My lashes were the typical 'Asian lashes' - short, dark and curling in the wrong direction (aka pointing straight-forward). When I was on my monthly shopping-spree in my favourite hotspot in Saint Germain-des-Près on Rue du Four, I had a mission to find something that'd lengthen my lashes. I picked this up as it was one of the cheaper alternatives available and decided to give it a go. Didn't have much to lose anyways.

To be honest with you, I'm not quite sure what the science is behind the brand and product. All I know it's Swiss and that the product shows the results it promises. It comes in a glass bottle and you apply it with the brush that is identical to some mascara brushes, making it very easy and fool-proof to apply the serum on your lashes. I apply this every night and definitely have seen them lengthen and strengthen. If you really pay attention, you'll notice some difference in the first week already. For just a tenner you'll get longer and more healthy lashes. Who said quality equals expensive?

What is your 'must-try' product?



  1. I really really want to get one now! My lashes have weakened over the year because I've been curling them a lot more.

    1. You (and your lashes) will love this then x

  2. I have always been envious of long, full lashes - this may help me get them!

    1. I can't promise volume, but it certainly adds length x


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