October 7, 2013

Now Is Not The Time

ph.  by Giampiero Maietti

It's been a long time since I wrote an update post, so I thought why not today. Completely off topic: the picture above was taken when I was at Uni by my very talented photographer friend, Giampiero. That's me with a messy bun on top of my head (rather literally) and a comfy jumper during a group meeting. Do check out my 'About Me' and 'Contact' page for more pictures by Giampiero. They're awesome. What I wanted to say with this post is: sorry. I'm very sorry for the lack of posts the fast few days. It's just that I'm a bit of a mess physically and mentally. Don't worry, I'm not crazy (or well... not yet).

Uni has started for a while now and today's the sixth week to be exact. As a Senior, I'm rather overwhelmed by the homework, the real life projects we get to do (which are very exciting) and the pressure that's on. I'll just spend this semester on campus and the next semester I'll be writing my graduation thesis. Very scary and motivating at the same time. The past two weeks I've been researching companies like a maniac and writing cover letters. I personally find you have to write a different letter per position, as it's more personal and it shows that you really are passionate about that one position, instead of mass emailing one letter out. As you can imagine, that takes quite a lot of time. And while doing that... it's rather impossible for me to spend time to read all the literature I have to. So that's how I spent last weekend, catching up with homework, which is the main reason I haven't been posting. Yes, yes. I know I should've scheduled in more posts, but after a certain time the pre-written posts have been published already and I'm left with a gazillion ideas I just don't have the time to publish. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm neglecting you guys, but it'll get better soon!

Besides Uni projects and all that's related, my skin is still a struggle. I've been through a lot with my skin to put it this way. A month before I left London, my skin started to flare up with a few blemishes at the time, due to half-nighters and stress. When I returned home, my skin was bad and after 3 weeks it started to calm down. Then I had the gazillion plane rides to and in Asia, which didn't help so my skin got angry again. Now I'm almost 2 months further and my skin has reached it's worst state ever in the past week. So bad I'm really feeling like staying at home and not talk or speak to anyone. I'm just baffled over how this happened and lost regarding my routine. No clue what to use and the things that used to work don't anymore. I've been to the doctors, dermatologists and tried the oriental way, it's just not really working. While typing this I'm really upset, but gotta pull myself together as I'll have to leave for Uni soon. I just feel I'm all over again in this roller coaster and this time, I feel like it's even worse than when I was in high school/secondary school.

To end this on a happy note, I've been looking for post-graduate studies for the past month and while talking with my friends I started to get interested in Scandinavia, Sweden to be more precise. My first thoughts were: I am going to Stockholm. It seems like a very cool city to live in and the campus (of Stockholm University) seemed cool as well. While talking with my Uni professor, I got interested in Lund University. Now the city might not sound as cool, but they have a great student life, their program sounds brilliant and in comparison to SU, it has campus housing too. Believe me when I say house hunting as a student is no fun and rather a hassle since the only Swedish word I know is IKEA... If that's a word. I will start applying to some Uni's later next week when I have my very deserved Autumn break and am really crossing my fingers and toes I'll get accepted!

Hope this very long update didn't bore the blues out of you and do subscribe and check back, as I have many cool and mind blowing posts in the planning. Okay, you got me. Maybe not mind blowing, but just very fun. Talk soon x

What have you been doing lately and have you been to Sweden?
I'd love to know the cool things to do/visit!



  1. Good luck on such a stressful year. Hope your studies go well x

  2. I'm going through the same thing with my skin right now, and I know how hard it is. I also feel really anti social. I've just been taking it day by day- trying to eat well, drink a lot of water, and I'm taking a med that has an off-label use for acne that helps to even out hormones.

    1. Yes, anti social would be the best way to describe how I feel at the moment. Though at the moment I am so busy that I have to face the crowd everyday. Not sure why, but my skin went from a few blemished to an explosion of blemishes. Hmm, I'm trying to steer away from the meds but this is seriously not leaving me any choice... x

  3. I'm going through similar study stress, and it has totally been affecting my skin. I've had a horrible rash and multiple breakouts, and I've only been back at college for 5 weeks!

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  4. stocholm is a dream, a rather expensive one! but i wish i could go anyway ;) if you would go we could at least see it in some pictures ;)


    1. If I'll move to Lund, I'll eventually end up in Stockholm. Would be a waste to travel all the way there without visiting the capital x

  5. Try having a day without makeup for your skin to breathe? Or a new moisturiser. Maybe like the one I just reviewed? xo


    1. I've tried that... for nearly a month, which didn't really change much. It's just that the last week has been a mad explosion, if I had to describe it. Just ordered some anti-acne skincare, hope that'll help... The problem is it's mainly hormonal so I just have to get my body back to normal in order for my skin to calm down x


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