November 29, 2013

What I've Been Loving (November 2013)

With autumn being in full swing, I've had the berry blues throughout the month and have been amping up the moisturiser volume. It's been a super hectic and busy month full of deadlines and assignments to hand in that made taking good care of my skin a very difficult task, hence I've sought comfort in my trusty 'ol skincare products that take just a few minutes to give what your skin had been longing for. No one wants to have dry, flaky skin when taking those yearly family pictures, n'est-ce pas? And that berry lipstick - a definite must to distract the attention from those puffy, dark under-eye circles.


Christmas Gift Guide #3 - Stocking Fillers

The last post of my Christmas gift guide series: the stocking fillers. For me, this might be the most fun part: looking for small gifts to treat my mum, sister, aunt and friends. There are so many options available that it's actually very hard to limit myself, but I still managed to not go too overboard and select a few stocking fillers that I personally would love to get as well. From a book to skincare from Christmas crackers to beautiful sets - I've covered it all, and that all under £20.

As a beauty junkie, I obviously had to track down the best beauty treats on the market that still are a good bargain and an amazing gift to receive. This while channeling my inner bookworm, by selecting quite a few cool books that would suit anyone and some beauty bits that would make anyone's heart flutter. This is so gonna be a merry Christmas!

Have you started your Christmas shopping already?


November 27, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide #2 - Dad

While I love shopping for others, getting my dad the right gift always remains tricky. Mainly because he always seems to have the things I want to get him. After a good peruse in the house and a good brainstorm session with my dearest sister, I've got a selection of grooming, books, cooking and tech gifts that all dad's (hopefully!) will like.


November 25, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide #1 - Mum

I've always had the greatest joy to pick my mum's Christmas gifts as I let my self to go all out and give her a good pamper. We're very different and alike at the same time, which makes it so much more fun to pick a 'good' gift. So I've put together a few bits that I think most mum's would love to receive, and to be honest, it's the thought that counts.


November 23, 2013

My Christmas Wish List


It's the end of November already, and it's the time where I allow myself to get excited about Christmas - what I should give others and what I would like to receive on my favourite holiday of the year. So here it is, my (rather cheeky) wish list for Santa. Obviously some of the things in here are a tiny bit expensive, but hey, Christmas is the season when you buy this year's gifts with next year's money after all, right?


November 20, 2013

Just In: New Skincare Additions

Over the years I've transitioned from a make up lover to a real skincare junkie, quite literally. I just realised that slapping on make up won't make skin look better when you don't treat your skin (the foundation) with nice products, which is where natural products come in. As you all most probably will know, REN is one of my favourite 'nasties-free' brands and I've featured them a gazillion times on the blog. Oskia on the other hand is a completely new brand to my stash (and radar!). With the tremendously positive reviews on their latest release, I bit the bullet and had to check it out myself.


November 18, 2013

The Bold(er) Brow

While in Summer I prefer to have my brows done 'eau naturel', in Autumn I feel rocking a bolder brow. I'm not talking Cara Delevingne-esque brows, because I would totally look like a wild boar gone wrong. Bold in my books is having more defined brows and maybe a tad darker. For as long as I can remember I've been struggling with my brows, and as I got older (and my palette, knowledge in beauty got more sophisticated) I discovered some staples along the way. I'm telling you, my brows would be lost (and super messy) without.


November 17, 2013

Obsessed With... SASCHA JUAN

Although I am not much of a hair fanatic, the SASCHA JUAN craze has gotten to me. Okay, maybe I'm a bit biased as I'm obsessed with anything Scandinavian (it's a Swedish brand). But its very simple and yet chic packaging is just my cup of tea. Normally I just have a few criteria for my hair products: leave my hair clean for more than a day, don't weigh my hair down, not too heavily perfumed and don't make my hair appear flat. That's all.


November 15, 2013

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser


While most of you opt for high(er) coverage foundations when the weather starts to cool down, I strangely enough go for the sheerer products, where tinted moisturisers are my forté. With my combination/oily skin, and army of choices, NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser is often the one that ends up on my face. Having used this more than ever lately, I realised it's time to add my two cents to the table.


November 13, 2013

Just In: Japanese Skincare

If you've read my holiday haul post, you know I can get quite excited whenever Asian skincare is involved. Not only are they good quality and affordable, they know what my skin is craving for and maybe the fact that it's basically impossible to get in Europe adds the 'want' factor to it. I particularly am in love with Japanese skincare with their great technologies. And if we all are honest, those Japanese girls are the fairest of 'em all.


November 11, 2013

5 Product Face

I'll admit it, I'm a huge beauty lover, but sometimes I have those lazy days and then for me: less is more, in the sense of doing less is better or well... you know what I mean. We all know that faking the eau naturel look is incredibly difficult and takes lots of effort when compared to, let's say, the 'cake face', but I managed to find no less than 5 products that can prep me for those lazy days and be public worthy at the same time.


November 9, 2013

Spritz Me Beautiful

Though I know for many of you, toners are something that's either a hit or miss - for me it's a vital step in my routine. Toners are the step right after the second cleanse and before your treatment/moisturiser. There are tons of different types, brands, scents, and in order to convince you I decided to share the crème-de-la-crème of the toners I have tried over the past few months.


November 7, 2013

A Few Steps to Clear(er) Skin

I know I've been overloading you guys with posts regarding how I've been trying to clear up my skin. Having received quite a few emails after my Current Skin Saviours post, I decided to make a short list of things you need to take into account when you're suffering from break outs, as only changing your skincare won't be enough. These guidelines vary from skincare to eating habits. I've seen great results in the past 6 weeks in my skin when trying to 'follow' these guidelines accompanied with new skincare. Of course it doesn't mean your skin will become immaculate immediately, but a healthier lifestyle is always a plus and like the old saying goes: you are what you eat. Oh, just read on.


November 4, 2013

Current Skin Saviours

When my skin basically got completely bonkers, I had to go back to basics with my skincare routine. Meaning: only natural products, no added night treatments and it had to be something French. Why? Because when I was living in Paris, only natural and French pharmacy products touched my face and that was when my skin looked it best. So after almost emptying my entire bank balance, I'm finally on the good track to clear(er) skin.


November 3, 2013

Obsessed With... Rebecca Minkoff Bags

I've always been a big bag lover (i.e. Bag Lady) and ever since I introduced myself to Rebecca Minkoff's brilliant bag collection a few years ago (mini M.A.C. in Aqua Teal in case you're wondering), I've been obsessed. Being effortlessly chic, practical and sophisticated, there's a bag for every girls' needs. With the recent launches of some great dreamy additions to their already stunning range, I couldn't help myself to put together a list that I've been scribbling down in my 'Things To Buy When I've Got My First Pay check' notepad. I mean... that's something to look forward to, n'est-ce pas?


November 1, 2013

Bathing in Coca Cola

While some kids wondered how to master an airplane, I was one of those kids who wondered how it would feel if you had to shower in Coca Cola. Hypothetically, of course. Sadly, I never got the chance to test it out (my mum is kind of a neat freak) and had to grow up with a big question mark through life. Okay, maybe a tad exaggerated, but I'm sure everyone did wonder how it would be like to shower yourself in a fuzzy drink. And I think I found my answer after 20 freakin' years. Thank goodness Anatomicals know their stuff by adding the best from both worlds: slapping on Cola without the stickiness. I promise you're gonna like this one.

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