November 25, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide #1 - Mum

I've always had the greatest joy to pick my mum's Christmas gifts as I let my self to go all out and give her a good pamper. We're very different and alike at the same time, which makes it so much more fun to pick a 'good' gift. So I've put together a few bits that I think most mum's would love to receive, and to be honest, it's the thought that counts.

My mum is a big beauty lover, and loves all things pretty and nicely scented - not the most difficult person to buy a gift for. So the following selection is a mix of pamper products, home scents, home decor and a few books that I find beautiful - they are picture heavy. Though Neal's Yards has got some very informative bits in there as well, if you like reading about food and how to get better skin (which my mum is currently obsessed with).

These gifts aren't necessarily only for mums of course, and I hope it'll help you to buy Christmas gifts and decide upon gifts you'd like to receive as well. It's all about giving and sharing!

What are you planning to give your mum?

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