November 17, 2013

Obsessed With... SASCHA JUAN

Although I am not much of a hair fanatic, the SASCHA JUAN craze has gotten to me. Okay, maybe I'm a bit biased as I'm obsessed with anything Scandinavian (it's a Swedish brand). But its very simple and yet chic packaging is just my cup of tea. Normally I just have a few criteria for my hair products: leave my hair clean for more than a day, don't weigh my hair down, not too heavily perfumed and don't make my hair appear flat. That's all.

First on my list is their much talked about Ocean Mist, or in less fancy words: sea salt spray. Now I've had my fair share of sea salt sprays and somehow none of them really worked with my hair and just weighed my hair down tremendously instead of adding some oumpf and texture. Ocean Mist promises to get that tousled beach hair in a few spritzes and adding a cool matte finish. And with the thumbs up of a beauty-loving friend, I'm having high hopes for this one.

Next up are the Shampoo and Conditioner of their Volumnising range promises to cleanse the roots, while nourishing the ends and adding volume to the hair - which is what I am exactly looking for. I have a rather sensitive scalp, making it very difficult to find proper hair care that doesn't turn my roots into a disco ball in a day. And while I'm making a wish list anyway, why not include their Shine Serum for glossy locks. Say good-bye to split ends, limp and dull hair and hello to SASCHA JUAN. Man, I should've been a Marketing major.

What would you like to try from SASCHA JUAN?


  1. Where did you get these? I've never heard about this brand!

    I'm moving in two weeks and half and I'm already freaking out.. all my friends and family are saying 'how do you feel? you're moving so soon!! and im like omg shut up! haha

    how are yooou?


    1. You can get them in Europe through and (see hyperlinks). Their Ocean Mist has gotten some buzz in the online world, but I think they're so understated. I may or may not have placed an order, ha!

      But oh my goodness, I remember you saying you'd move in months! Gosh, time sure does fly by super fast, but how exciting! You must be super stressed out, hope you're getting a hand with packing (it's a pain). I'm doing well, very busy, stressed and tired lately as I'm juggling quite some things at the same time, but still coping. Just posted my post-grad application this weekend, so hopefully I'll get accepted and will spend a year in Sweden! How long are you planning to stay actually? x

  2. The packaging is so great. I would love to try the shine serum.

    1. Right!? That's what attracted me in the first place, the shine serum does sound great x


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