November 29, 2013

What I've Been Loving (November 2013)

With autumn being in full swing, I've had the berry blues throughout the month and have been amping up the moisturiser volume. It's been a super hectic and busy month full of deadlines and assignments to hand in that made taking good care of my skin a very difficult task, hence I've sought comfort in my trusty 'ol skincare products that take just a few minutes to give what your skin had been longing for. No one wants to have dry, flaky skin when taking those yearly family pictures, n'est-ce pas? And that berry lipstick - a definite must to distract the attention from those puffy, dark under-eye circles.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat
It's my first time using their Mat variant, but having had pleasing experiences with some of their moisturisers of the same range, I wasn't planning to get disappointed. And I didn't. It literally does what it says: mattifying the skin and refining pores. It doesn't feel silicone-y like some primers do, and it's the best matte moisturiser I've tried so far. The finish is truly matte, but in a natural way, not making you look dead or unhealthy. While it mattifies the skin, it also manages to keep the skin comfortable and hydrated.

Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Rose Face Mask
My favourite hydrating mask out of the bunch I have (and have tried). I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this quite a few times on the blog right now, I just can't help myself. It looks and feels like a watery gel and sinks right into the skin when it touches your skin. Like the name suggests, it smells like roses and is very relaxing. It can feel a bit tight afterwards, but not to the extend it feels uncomfortable. After 10 minutes my skin is completely recharged and feels more plump and looks radiant. The perfect A/W treatment, ever.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
I think I have repurchased this moisturiser around four times and have some safety stock lying around (which is about 4-5 tubes), which will last me at least another year. When the wind is getting colder and the heaters go up, my cheeks tend to get very dry and flaky. Now I know that oils are brilliant for that, but during the day when I'm in a hurry to get ready, I don't have the time to let it sink in before I apply a moisturiser and then make up - I luuurve this as a primer. I just pat this on my skin and the shea butter keeps my skin nice and moisturised. The finish is natural and doesn't feel heavy or slick.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in 18
After writing my Throwing Up Berries post, I had been rummaging through some drawers and beauty boxes as I knew I'd forgotten about this number from Bourjois. Not having worn it once, I didn't know what to expect from it, texture and wearability-wise. Being blown away by the colour (it's the most gorgeous and forgiving plum shade), the texture is very nice and creamy - a bliss to have on your lips. No bleed, no creasing. The only down point I can find is that it doesn't last as long as I'd like it to do (though the moisturising, creamy formula kinda gave it away). Taking that into account, I don't mind it that much. Make sure you've got the bullet ready for a quick touch-up when just finishing your sandwich. Just sayin'.

What have you been loving this month?



  1. Ooh I love the lipstick, would love to see what it looks like on!

  2. Hi dear, beautiful post!!! And if you want there's an open giveaway on my blog: $50 Oasap Gift Card! I'll wait for you ♥

    My Blog ♥

  3. The lipstick looks beautiful, dark shades look weird on me though as my mouth is so small ha xx

    1. Ah, I'm sure thats not the case! This number from Bourjois is lovely though, as you can keep it 'day-appropriate' and very dark plummy. Definitely worth a swatch ;-) x

  4. i was looking into the effaclar matte at the drugstore and totally forgot about it when i made some recent purchases there! i'm glad it worked for you. i need to put it on my skincare list for things to pick up next time. i'm really looking for something like it and ended up buying a mattifying fluid/serum from the CDN brand Marcelle.

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Haven't really been wearing that all the time, so I can't say it has been fighting any acne, but it certainly is a great matte moisturiser that stays on well all day. I've never heard of Marcelle, but I'm pretty positive that you'll love Effaclar Mat x

  5. I got a sample if that embryolisse moisturizer and loved it. I may pick it up once I finish my Kate Sommerville goat milk cream.

    1. Oh I've been meaning to try KS products, it's just so difficult to get a hold of in Europe. Love their packaging! x


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