December 2, 2013

LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Citrus Lily Candle

I love to have candles all year around, but when the temperature starts to decrease, it kinda becomes a daily staple. While I adore fig and wood scented candles for autumn, I won't say no to a relaxing and floral scent either. LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Citrus Lily Candle is one that fits the latter category. I'm telling you, this has been my study buddy for the past week and manages keeps me on my toes.

Ralph Lauren Home is not normally a place where I'd be perusing for decoration pieces, but I just stumbled upon their home fragrances which were delightfully surprising. Besides the very luxurious and heavy glass jars all candles come in, they also are made out of premium soy blend wax and have an approximate burn time of 50 hours. Although you'll be paying more than a candle you pick up at IKEA, after days and days of burning it non-stop, there barely is a dent in the candle.

Citrus Lily is a blend of blackberry, cardamom and oriental orchid, making it such a lovely fragrance. Not too heavy and not too faint, just the right amount to keep your senses smelling it, while not being a literal flower bomb. I'd say this is the perfect candle when you're looking for something that's relaxing and feminine. Also, my best pal for a pamper-eve. *cue heavenly music*

Which candle(s) do you swear by?



  1. My mum has this and it makes the living room smell amazing!

  2. i didn't know they had a home colllection but of course they do. who doesn't nowadays. citrus is lovely and its always a note in any perfume that i really love.
    i enjoy the harvest coffee candles from bath, body works. smells like coffee and cake. you can't go wrong.

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. It's so pretty! If I had the money, I'd decorate half my room with it, but unfortunately the only things I can afford from their Home range are the home scents. We don't have Bath, Body Works in Europe, too bad as I've spotted quite a few things I'd love to have. That candle sounds divine!


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