January 10, 2014

balance Me. Rose Otto Oil

I've read somewhere that skin sensitivity may lead to skin ageing, and as I just entered my twenties not too long ago, I'd like to push the ageing of my skin as far away as humanly possible. By doing so with the help of an army of nifty and natural skincare products. Having tried quite a few face oils the past few weeks (or months?), I've made up my mind and have selected quite a few impressive ones. Today, I give you, balance Me. Rose Otto Face Oil.

Being a loyal fan of their Radiance Face Oil and a lover of their already existing Rose Otto Body Range, I couldn't hide my excitement when I got word that they added a face oil to their Rose Otto family. The oil is 100% natural and is specially designed to calm and strengthen skin with a nourishing blend of naturally active ingredients. I've also noticed that when I apply this before I go to bed, I wake up with brighter skin and my hyper pigmentation isn't as (bright) red.

It's a delicate blend of Rose Otto, Rose Geranium and Palma Rosa oils, and a long list of other delicate oils that made the oil what it is, such as Starflower Oil, which reduces and inflammation, Oat Oil to clam and strengthen the skin and to give your skin a boost of essential fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants thanks to Arctic Cloudberry.

I generally love rose products in my routine every now and then, as they are Cytophylactic naturally and help to strengthen skin, stimulate cell production and stop excess sebum, making it perfect for all skin types. To compare it with their Radiance Face Oil, it's a much lighter variant. Taking that into account, it is just as nourishing and moisturising, leaving my skin soft and supple. Scent-wise, it's always a party to apply this oil, as it smells like a bloomin' rose garden.

Do you use rose products in your skincare routine?



  1. Nice post! I love face oils as a skin night's treat! I didint know they added a new face oil to their range!x

  2. It's all I use (and need) in the evenings, so good! I think they've just launched this end of last year.

  3. I haven't had much luck with Balance me so far but this oil sounds just up my street, I love Rose! Great review :) Xx

  4. That's such a pity... I truly love the brand, especially since it's really affordable for what you get (compared to many other green brands). Let me know if you end up trying it!

  5. "I'd like to push the ageing of my skin as far away as humanly possible."

    Really? Because isn't getting older the the worst possible thing imaginable? Jesus wept.

  6. Hi Vix22, thanks for your input. Personally I find getting older and ageing of the skin two different things, and whereas I don't see why getting older or ageing is bad, being a 21 y/o post grad (with lack of sleep, lots of stress, behind the computer a lot, etc) my lifestyle choices do reflect in my skin a lot.

    Yes, getting older is something that we should embrace (wrinkles, wisdom and all), but if some skincare products can prevent my skin from ageing faster, why not embrace that too? After all, we're using skincare for the benefit for our skin, aren't we?


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