January 22, 2014

Nail Envy

I promised my sister that I wouldn't spend money on buying new nail polishes anymore, because 1) I've got a shit load of products already (3 drawers filled to the brim to be exact) and 2) she accumulated all products and the amount she roughly calculated scared the socks off me. Though with Essie having the colours I (sort of) didn't have in my stash and CND selling one of the most talked about nail treatments, I simply had to do something. And that something was hopping online and ordering me some nail goodness.

Essie always manages to hit me right on the spot, whether it is their smart and witty polish names or their gorgeous colours - it just works for me. I picked up Parka Perfect a blueish-pastel grey and Sole Mate the burgundy colour everyone has been talking about all season long. Can you sense the temptation? As expected from Essie, both apply gorgeously and are very opaque. It layers on very nicely and with just two coats you're covered, or well, your nails are.

Before applying the nail polish, I have taught myself to wear a base coat, especially with darker and brighter colours, which can change the natural colour of your nails to a not-so-flattering yellow. CND Stickey Base Coat has been on my radar for as long as I started to use base coat (which is roughly less than a year - please don't judge me) and hasn't disappointed me in the least. On the contrary of the name, it is not sticky, clumpy or thick at all, which I was expecting. It's a rather thin coat that applies like a gem and has kept my manicure on my nails for the entire week (and then I had to take it off because I wanted to change colours). So far, so good and I've got nothing bad to say. Only that I've broken my New Year's Resolution already... And it was so darn worth it.

What have been your latest nail polish/treatment purchases?



  1. I recently signed up for the Julep Maven box and have limited myself to not purchasing anymore nail polish because my collection is out of control.

  2. Love the nail colour choices! I've never tried Essie but I've seen great reviews on them. I've been loving Barry M's matte collection at the minute!

    Sel | SheJustTalks | Xx

  3. Oh I've never heard of that box before, it does sound very cool. I shouldn't be buying any nail polish either, but I did it again...

  4. Thanks babe, I love Essie, perhaps a little too much. Their range of colours are brilliant, so are their names. I do love the colour range of Barry M and the texture, however they tend to chip so easily on me.

  5. I have wanted to try the CND Sticky Base coat for sooo long! It looks fantastic! Loved this post!

    Gem. x | slightgem.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Love those colours! Gorgeous!

    New follower

    Gold Dust



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