February 5, 2014

Just In: Aesop

Aesop is a brand not highly distributed in the Netherlands, which is one of the many reasons why I miss living in London —the beauty access over there is no kidding. When I was headed to Amsterdam, I grabbed my chance to break my spending ban and treat myself to some Aesop.

Aesop Parsley Seed Mask is made out of different type of clay, Parsley Seed and Rosehip Seed extracts, which are perfect for drawing out impurities and add an antioxidant boost to the skin. I've only used this 4 times and I love it. To compare it to other masks I've tried, I'd say it's the love-baby of REN ClearCalm3 Clarity Restoring Mask, Borghese Fango Mud Mask, and GlamGlow. It's the perfect anti-blemish mask if you want to draw out impurities, calm the skin and dry out the spots you've got without drying out the skin. Do keep in mind that because it draws out impurities, you might see some gunk coming from your skin —that's normal, believe me.

It's not a secret that I love my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion as a spot treatment, but as it leaves white, pasty marks on the skin, I can't use it during the day without looking like I've got a crazy skin disease. While I was at the Aesop counter anyways, I recalled Caroline mentioning the Aesop Control Gel as her all-time favourite spot treatment. It's got Tea Tree, Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide. Although I'm not quite sure what the latter is, I know that the former two ingredients are great spot fighters, so I've got high hopes. I've only tried it once and so far so good. To be continued...

Have you ever tried anything from Aesop, if not, which product(s) would you like to try?



  1. I never tried any Aesop products but I really want to, and both the products you mentioned sound pretty good. I'm especially charmed by the Parsley Seed mask for a while now!

    x Giada | The Beauty Recensionist

  2. I've wanted to try this for a while now, it seems so lovely and effective :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. I love the Aesop mask; I'm so glad you picked it up and I hope you kindle the same feelings for it as I do. I also think you've inspired an Aesop purchase of my own. xo

    Lillian | parisiantobe.com

  4. We should both try it! I'll try to do a detailed review of it once I get to try it more often.

  5. I definitely want to try some products from Aesop because everyone seems to rave about them.

  6. I'd love to try the Parsley seed mask.. or just anything really. The packaging is gorgeous x


  7. aarggh i want to try aesop so much but i hate the idea of paying for it LOL and about ordering it online.

  8. I can't say much about it yet as I haven't had the chance to try it many times yet, but so far I'm really happy with it. Let me know if you end up getting the Control gel!

  9. They're really good! Despite being mostly lured in by their gorgeous packaging, their products are really good and effective (and perhaps a tad pricey).

  10. I adore the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque. It's fantastic for my blemish prone combination skin. I can't recommend it enough!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’


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