February 17, 2014

Pumped Up Kicks

Rewind to the late 90s, I was an everything-pink-yes-please aka princess-dresses-all-day-every-day kinda gal. Forward to high school, I was the chick with the most kicks. I don't know why, but when I tell people that I used to be obsessed with sneakers, they look at me like I'm telling a bit fat lie. Well, I'm not. I had 5 different pairs of Chuck Taylor's (these were tha bomb) and a truck load of other sneaker offerings from the likes of K-Swiss, Adidas and Nike. After high school, I exchanged my sneakers for (ankle)boots and heels, and today... I'm back on the sneaker track.

These are all from an &Other Stories and Nike collaboration, and I'm not quite sure whether these are available through other retailers. I usually stay away from white shoes, but this pair of Nike Air Force just look amazing and I simply have a soft spot for white things. Taking into account I'm like a dirt magnet, I will definitely staying away from them. My other two picks are slightly similar and are a mix of soft pastel, bright colours and black/grey. I love how they look and right now I'm this close to order the Nike Air Max. I'll keep you posted.

What are your favourite sneakers?

image c/o Nike and &Other Stories



  1. the internationalist looks super fun! its the type of show i think Andy from Stylescrapbook would wear.

  2. Ahhhh (cue heart eyed emoji). I LOVE sneakers; and they have to be Nike. xo

    Lillian | Parisian To Be

  3. It does! Gosh, I love Andy, she's so effortlessly chic.

  4. Ha, of course they do! They are the best in terms of quality, comfort and design.

  5. love the second ones .)



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