March 30, 2014

National Glamour Day 2014

Yesterday it was that time of the year again, National Glamour Day. I've written about this last year, and many of you were really excited and interested in the event, so I thought I'd do a short re-cap of this year again. NGD is a long-time tradition one of my BFF and I have established when we just met in high school –bonding of the shopaholics, eh? The day simply consists of us heading to Amsterdam for a long, long day of shopping with a gossip-filled commute. And here I almost forgot the main point of NGD: you get 20% on 49 brands, nationwide. Best. Tradition. Ever.

I was planning to share some moments with you guys, but I was so into shopping, hunting items down and visiting my 'regular' spots, I completely forgot. So I did snap a few (okay, four) shots of my day and you just have to believe my word that it was awesome. We strolled in my favourite area in Amsterdam, 'the 9 streets' (de 9 straatjes) which are nine streets along the canals. So pretty and it's got the coolest shops. I've snapped up quite some bits, which I'll do a post on later, I think. Our legs gave in at the end of the day, which we compromised with a frozen yoghurt treat and a girl's movie night at my place. A bottle of white wine and Mean Girls, anyone? A cult in our eyes, and the best for a night filled with laughter, jokes and flashbacks. That's so fetch.


What have you been up to this weekend?



  1. i really want to go to amsterdam again one day! and wow 20% off? i'll have to make sure to go in the end of march to cash in on that.


    A Beautiful Zen

  2. I love the city, it's so pretty and I highly recommend strolling down the '9 straatjes'. So much prettier than Dam square, which is simply just a square with lots of pigeons. And yep; H&M, Mango, River Island, ASOS among others provide 20% off new collection. There's NGD in Spring and Autumn, the only criteria is that you buy the magazine and show it during check out ;-).

  3. oh good to know!! thanks for the info.

  4. love!!!!




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