March 10, 2014

Nature Perfect – DIY kit

I love me some DIY projects, especially when they involve skincare. I’m sure I won’t be the only one admitting they used to make concoctions out of flowers, their mum’s skincare and fragrances? Nature Perfect is a brand that makes DIY kits (with all natural ingredients) for the beauty-hungry and for those dare devils out there, there’s a possibility to customise your own as well. With dare devils, I obviously mean me.

As adventurous as I am, I went for Coconut Oil, Cranberry Powder, Witch Hazel Toner and Fuller’s Earth (which is a type of clay). I won’t bore you out of your mind by explaining all the good uses for coconut oil again as the Internet is full of those, but I mainly picked the oil because it’s anti-inflammatory and nourishing for the skin. Cranberry is a great antioxidant, and come on – it’s hot pink! Witch Hazel and Fuller’s Earth were completely new terms to me, and I’ve realised that these two bad boys are great for people with spot-prone skin. Fuller’s Earth contains lots of minerals and has the ability to literally soak up dirt and oil, making it perfect to clear the gunk out of your pores and treat your spots. Witch Hazel is a natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and it has clarifying and detoxifying qualities, which is a word combo I love to see.

To get the magic going, I have tried some concoctions and my fave is a mix with all of the above. The concoction is nourishing because of the Coconut Oil and with its properties and that of Fuller’s Earth and With Hazel it has cleared up my skin slightly. Besides being the reason behind the gorgeous pink hue, Cranberry Powder also contains Vitamin C, B3 and B5, which increases cell turnover and resulting in brighter skin.

Although each product is great to use in combination with each other, I’ve also, not so secretly, been using them merely on its own and merging them into my routine as well. I use the Coconut Oil on my limbs and ends of my hair, the Fuller’s Earth (mixed with either water, Witch Hazel or Rose Water) as overnight spot treatment and Witch Hazel as toner (post-wash, pre-treatment). Fuller’s Earth is definite a new fave of mine and I’ll keep testing with it and see how it can surprise me.

What are your thoughts on DIY skincare?



  1. REally nice post! I sometimes to beauty DIY recipes. So easy and really effective :-)

  2. i dont know if i have the savvy for diy skincare. you are the skincare queen!!! (but i knew this already)

  3. Haha, well you don't have to be savvy for anything with this kit to be quite honest. A good bowl and some sleek wrist movements will do the trick. And thank you, you're sweet. Wouldn't say that I'm the skincare queen, but it did made my day, ha!

  4. Thanks so much for saying that! I love DIY things, but most of the time I need some kicking under the bum first before I get myself to do something, but once I've got the hang of it, I've got the hang of it.

  5. I love making my own face masks with clay! I use bentonite clay and mix with honey & a bit of water but these sound so much more fun!

  6. Oh I haven't heard from Bentonite Clay, I'll look into it. This is a very fun kit —you've got everything you simply would need, all ingredients are clean (as in, not chemical/harmful) and you can choose your own products. Great as a gift, too.


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