March 17, 2014

Spring Detox

Believe me or not, but in just 5 weeks I’ve gained back all the weight I’ve shed post – London. The culprit, you ask? It’s the bloody commute, I’m telling you. Having to wait for my next connection, or just simply the fact to kill time by snacking too much junk food. Spring is coming and I’m starting to feel uncomfortable with the weight I’ve gained and how the shape of my body is right now, hence I decided to kick start my Spring detox the easiest way possible: saying no to excessive snacking and yes to drinking lemon water.

Now I can easily gulp down water, but most of the time I just end up going to the loo every 30 minutes and grabbing a cookie. So recently I decided to invest in a re-usable water bottle, and I couldn’t recommend it enough –mine’s a Contigo Grace.

Before owning a proper water bottle, I’d just refill my Evian bottle every now and then, but what I didn’t realize is that most of these ‘regular’ bottles contain a chemical called “BPA”, which is actually harming for our health and body. According to research it could possibly have effects on the brain, behavior and children. Grace fits a total of 750 ml (24oz), doesn’t leak with its special auto-seal cap, is dishwasher safe, and BPA free. The best of the best, I’d say. Enough about the bottle –with this by my side I’ve simply upped my water-intake during the day, whether I’m working from home or at the office, as I don’t have to re-fill it all the time [because it fits so much].

Every morning I add a few slices of lemon in the bottle for a bit of a zesty bite. Not only is lemon great to increase your immune system and to aid in digestion, lemon water can also purge the toxins from your blood, which results in less blemishes and clearer skin. And if all this hasn’t convinced you to start drinking lemon water, it also helps with weight loss, as the fruit is high in pectin fiber, which fights hunger cravings. It’s been me and my mate Grace for almost 2 weeks now, and it has definitely reduced my appetite during the day and whilst commuting. No pounds have shed yet, but I did notice my skin being less spotty, though that could also be because of the meds. I’ll report back soon.

What are your thoughts on drinking (lemon) water?


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