April 11, 2014

Smells Like Green Tea

I confess, I’m really sensitive to yuckie scents and odors, hence I’ve always got a room diffuser (NEOM and Ancienne Ambiance do great ones), I always open my windows as soon as I get home and I’ve got a selection of candles to amp it up. Soaps however, were never a product that I’d view as a room scent. I mean… It’s soap. Where Roger & Gallet’s soaps being one of the most luxurious and multi-functional packaged soaps I’ve ever bought, I decided to road test another functionality. And I can tell you the box is ticked.

Last Sunday I spend the entire day cleaning the entire house (not even kidding) and re-arranging my beauty cabinet. The latter I’m halfway through and will continue this weekend, but upon emptying some cabinets and boxes, I found this unused chunk of Roger & Gallet Green Tea Soap. With a smell of fresh, light Green Tea and a hint of florals, it was just the best. The rebel I am, I decided to showcase the soap on my nightstand and let it sit there, and oh my… the scent immediately lifted my mood and the ambiance of my room.

I probably would compare the level of scent intensity to a room diffuser —you don’t smell it when you walk into the room, but once you go closer to the product a delicate hint of scent can be detected. Albeit not the most glamorous piece on my nightstand, it is one of the best smelling ones, where it’s also super budget-friendly, compared to the more-than-20-quid room scents I’ve got —which I also love. Like I always say, a girl’s gotta have her choices.




  1. love this post! you have a beautiful blog! im following you on gfc x

  2. at the one of the kind show, some ppl were buying soaps just for room scenting. i thought that was kind of weird but i cn see the economical appeal. this one soundsl ike it would smell nice. the doughnut soap i got would be good for that too.

  3. love




  4. Ah, a soap as a room scent! Sign me up. I'm still amazed at how you discovered this; I guess it's just ├╝ber creative thinking.

    xo Lillian from Parisian To Be

  5. Hi Rachel, thanks. I disabled GFC following, and now you can follow me through bloglovin – a much easier platform to keep tab on your fave blogs x

  6. Haha, well... I am a bit weird sometimes. It's good though and it does the job really well. What I like about the Roger & Gallet soaps is that they come in a handy container, so storing and displaying them isn't too bad at all ;-).

  7. Ha, I sometimes surprise myself too with my weird ideas. Do let me know if you find any cool and nice scented soaps. Love the LUSH citrus scents, too.


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