May 9, 2014

Dirty Food

Need I remember you my love for cooking books? Dirty Food is my latest discovery and frankly I'm surprised no one has raved about it yet. Food that's packed with carbs, ├╝ber-delicious and finger-licking-good? Yeah, I got time fo that.

Written by Carol Hilker and photographed by Peter Cassidy, Dirty Food is a bundle of 65 "devilishly delicious recipes for the best worst food you'll ever eat". Worst meaning delicious, fun and comfort food. Categorised in Brunch, Sandwiches, BBQ, Bowls, Take-Out, Sides, Treats and Beverages, there's something for everyone at any time of the day.

All recipes are easy to understand, to-the-point and innovative with a twist. Full of flavour and with the variety in recipes, you can look forward to a new dish every day - I'm sure you've got time for that after you've seen the eyeball-popping dishes. A guilty pleasure handbook filled with must-try recipes.




  1. Lady, you are such a cookbook enabler! Who knew that was a thing! ;) The honey vanilla root beer float looks amaaazing. I could really go for one of those right now haha.
    XO Camey

  2. What can I say... I love food. Everything is so amazing and photography wise, it's similar to Healthy Snacks and Treats. I'll promise that this will be the last food book I'll be writing about, for now ;-).


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