May 12, 2014

Spring Look I - Natural Fairy

It's spring, the sun is out and we are all still longing for the perfect natural make up look. Having made it my mission, ever since my skin cleared up to find the perfect products for my 'I-ain't-wearing-makeup-today' look. And actually, I think I might've hit jackpot this time.

The only way I'm able to rock a sheer and natural base, is with good skin. Now I wouldn't say my skin is flawless — far from it — but ever since I added Institute Esthederm Cellular Concentrate to my routine, it's been the best since months. I use it after toning and before my moisturiser. It boosts the lifecycle of cells and has all kind of fancy patented ingredients. It leaves my skin smooth, soft, nourished, and I've noticed my hyper pigmentation to be fading. It has a gel-ish, almost silicone, texture and is very light on the skin —it'd be best compared to a primer, but then with plenty skincare benefits.

I follow up with BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector as a primer —which, although I haven't really mentioned it before, illuminates the skin without me looking like a greasy disco ball and I love it. I apply this mainly on my cheekbones, brow arch and high points of my face, as I don't need it much elsewhere. And if I actually had skin like a fairy, I'd keep it like this, but sadly I don't. So for base, I've been using balance Me. BB Natural Perfection, which is very sheer in coverage, leaves a radiant finish and slightly imperfection blurring —perfect when you still want your skin to shine through. It's 99% natural and is blended with Absyssinian, Rosehip Oil and Blackberry Leaf extract, which help to firm and smooth the surface and hydrate of the skin. Lotus Flower and Violet Seed extracts help to calm and even out the skin.

To create a more flawless canvas I add a bit of RMS "Un" Cover-Up to hide any blemishes or imperfections (full review here), Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer for my dark circles. On my brows, I love Pixi Natural Brow Duo for, well... a natural look. It comes with a sheer tinted gel as well, to set the pencil and shape. With my recent breakthrough with NARS Blushes, Torrid has been on my cheeks whenever I've been rocking this look. The perfect peachy/coral shade with the slightest, almost undetectable shimmer that just compliments every skin tone. For lips I love Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Natural Rose, which is a nourishing, matte tinted lip balm. The colour is just like the name: a natural dusty rose. I also like to dub it: my lips, but then a tad more plummy.

So how does your natural spring look, look like? Keep your eyes peeled for two other looks, which will be popping up in the next few days —including the awkward selfies. I've still got a long way to go...



  1. Really like the lip balm color. Not too neutral but still discret. x

  2. Love this! You look super pretty. :)
    xx- babette

  3. pretty picture! lots of love and have a nice week girl x

  4. Me too! It's been all I've been wearing for the past week to work.

  5. Thank you! Have a wonderful week yourself x

  6. This looks gorgeous! Your skin is so radiant and...fairy-like. (: x

    Lillian |

  7. This is a perfect "No-makeup"makeup look! Great job!

    FOTD: Gems from the neglected lot!

  8. The Shimmering Skin Perfectors are gorgeous xx

  9. Thank you, you're sweet. I promise it's just good lighting, a rather good skin day and the make up, ha!

  10. I know right? I have my eyes on their new Tinted Souflés, which combine the Shimmering Skin Perfectors with their Beach Tints. Talking about the best combination ever!

  11. Ah the "I-ain't-wearing-makeup-look" is my faaave. ;) Lookin' super fresh-faced, springy, and pretty lady!
    XO Camey

  12. Thanks so much, you're a babe x


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