May 25, 2014

The Empties Edit #3

Ever since I started this series, I've really been motivated to finish up the products I still had lingering around. I see it as a kind of spring cleaning, but then all year round. Does that make sense? Probably not. This time a selection of face, body and hair care. Yep, spring cleaning, you see.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O
Does this product even need an introduction? I actually finished 2 bottles of this in a month I think, as I still had 2 already opened bottles lingering around - one for the bathroom and one in my room. When using this again, I recalled why I (and the entire world) loves this stuff and it's truly worth every penny. The best when you need a quick make up remover, as it's so gentle and thorough at the same time. It doesn't sting my eyes, nor does it cause any skin irritations. By far the best miscellar water I've tried so far. I like using this as my first cleanse (when I'm too lazy for an Oil Cleanser that is) and then follow up with a Cleansing Balm.

Korres Showergel Jasmin
I got hooked on Korres body products when I first started working in Beauty PR in London and since that day I'm a changed girl/woman/person/whatever. All their scents are to die for and the showergels don't make my skin feel dry and itchy. Jasmin smells like jasmin (shocker) and contains Vitamin C & E, Aloe Vera, Zinc and Antioxidant Enzymes, which enhance the skin's immune system. All Korres body products smell really nice, but aren't too overpowering in scent unlike other brands, which made me unable to sleep *cough* The Body Shop *cough*. It's free from articificial fragrances, ingredients and mineral oils. The only bad thing I have to say about this is that it does contain SLS.

PHYTO Phytoneutre
This used to be one of these PHYTO products that everyone was raving about, say 2-3 years ago. I haven't spotted a review on this one for a while now, but I thought I might as well add my two cents to the table. Phytoneutre is a clarifying and detoxing shampoo, with Eucalyptus as its main ingredient - which you definitely can smell (personally I love the scent). It lathers nicely and after a wash my hair feels very nice and clean. The next day however, it starts to get a bit oily and at the end of the day my roots are... yuck. I've got oily roots, dry ends and a sensitive scalp and all clarifying shampoos I've tried made my hair ridiculous oily the next day. It's due to excessive shampoo switching that made my scalp so sensitive. It's not you, it's me and my darn hair.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
Having suffered from acne very early in my life, I've tested pretty much all the spot treatments on the market. Now I'm not really one to brag (really), but this is the product I use when I feel a (huge) spot coming up or when it's one of those really big and painful undertheskin, without head, spots that just don't seem to leave, ever. Grab a cotton bud, swirl it in the pink gunk and dab it on the spot - I like to be quite generous and put a nice and thick layer on it. The next morning the product will more or less have sunken into the skin and the spot is noticeably smaller, gone or has drawn a head. Hooray. Needless to say I already restocked a while back. Be aware that you might look like a maniac when having the product on your face, so refrain from talking to your male roommates who know nothing about beauty. Just to not embarrass yourself. I'm speaking with experience here.

PS. BeautyBay often has a promotion on Mario Badescu products, so it might be worth checking out their page from time to time to get a good deal.

AHAVA Moisture Gel Cream
I've written a review of this cream here already, but to sum it up quickly: it's amazeballs. Jokes aside, this literally helped my skin recover from severe dehydration. When I started taking antibiotics for my acne, my skin was so dry and flaky, it was awful. The Moisture Gel Cream has the texture of a gel and the 'power' of a cream. Instead of letting the moisture out, it leaves a very thin (and barely noticeable) layer on the skin, which keeps the moisture in the skin. After only a week of using this I saw my skin improve so much and I've already opened my second tub. Did I say it smells good too? 'Cause it does... *Swoon*




  1. I face a similar in fact exact thing after using detox shampoos.. none of them have worked! Have you tried Bumble and Bumble Sunday? I have heard its good but I am on the fence! I have been looking for a gel based moisturiser for summer something not as expensive as Clinique's.. will give the Ahava one a shot!

    Lipstick Queen Saint Eden Review | TheConscienceFund

  2. Amazing post, as always! I tend to have the same struggle with detox shampoos. I'm just now realizing that the Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo leaves my hair so flat, I just don't even like it. I read in No More Dirty Looks that you can use baking soda, but I'm a little scared to try that.

    xo Lillian from Parisian To Be

  3. Shame you didnt like the phyto! I normally love them xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  4. The Korres shower gels smell incredible! Sadly, as you mentioned, they contain SLS which tends to irritate my skin. That's probably the biggest reason why I haven't tried any of these yet aside from the price tag. xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  5. im pretty good about not opening new things like skincare until i need them (that was until recently that is...i seem to have waay too many things open now)

    A Beautiful Zen

  6. I actually did... It didn't really do anything for my hair and as I was using it on the long run, it really damaged and weakened my scalp. I've never had sensitive scalp to begin with, so I'm actually quite disappointed with Bumble. The only clarifying shampoo that I thought was okay was from Kerastase. Might have to repurchase that one again... Let me know what you think of the moisturiser!

  7. You're too kind. I don't think Bumble and I really get on well... It might be the high doses of SLS but it just has weakened my scalp so much and is so stripping, which leaves my hair super coarse after washing and greasy the next day. Let me know if you end up using baking soda though. I heard Apple Cider Vinegar is good too. Tried Fredric Fekkai, but didn't do shizzle.

  8. I broke my heart to say that I didn't like it, as I'm a huge fan of their other products. I guess I just have really difficult hair and scalp.

  9. Oh no! Have you tried AHAVA and balance Me. shower gels? They're quite similar and don't have any SLS in them – if you're into roses: balance Me. Rose Otto is tha bomb.

  10. Oh! Good I didnt cave in! which one from kerastase? I love their series for colored hair.. and use it even when none of the color exists! It gives a lot of shine and bounce! Have you tried John Master's Unscented.. its quite clarifying itself.. I am on that one right now

  11. Ah, it's been a while since I used it so I'm not quite sure what it's called precisely. I just know it's a white bottle with a green rectangle on the packaging and it's for oily roots and dry ends. I was actually planning on trying the Bare range, but it's quite pricey so I've got to save some pennies up first, ha.

  12. WengYee John Master's isn't more expensive than Kerastase for sure! You can get them here at Content Beauty :-)


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