May 5, 2014

These Pumps Are Made For Walking

... that's something you don't hear everyday. Ever since I rolled into the full-time working life again, I kinda have been contemplating to wear heels again. With my ankle boots, chunky heels or the odd day I wear my Nikes, I often felt out of place next to my colleagues who have mastered the art of walking in high heels for over 8 hours. A late night browse on ASOS, a birthday coupon code in my inbox and 1 hour later I had finally ordered a pair of (ridiculously affordable) ASOS Spring Break Pointed High Heels to start learning the trade.

Now I haven't actually worn these to the office yet, simply because I'm still 'practicing' at home —making them comfy and soften the edges. And in case you're wondering: yes, I always do that for loafers, wedges and heels. Normally I'm a size 38/5 (UK) for 'regular' shoes and a size 37/4 (UK) in heels, loafers and flats. I guess I can say I'm always very anxious when ordering shoes online, and I'm accustomed with having to return them very often because of it. I went for size 4 and they fit me to a T.

With the right amount of minor toe cleavage, I couldn't have asked for anything better. There's a slight cushion to make them comfy to wear and although they aren't horrible to walk on, I wouldn't say it's like walking on clouds. More like... walking on heels, but then without the burning and blisters. For gals with wide feet (me, me, me) —don't worry about the sizing and just grab your regular size with heels. They fit my feet perfectly although a bit more space for my little toe wouldn't hurt. I guess that's just the price I've got to pay for wearing pointed toe shoes.




  1. You have such a good way with words, lady! This post had me nodding along and chuckling and now I might just have to head on over to ASOS and take a look at these. Do you get the wobbles (some heels feel sturdier than others) when you walk in them?
    XO Camey

  2. Ah you're way too sweet, but thank you! Surprisingly they are quite sturdy and the quality is not bad at all. Let me know how you like them, if you end up ordering a pair.


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