June 4, 2014

How Do You Do It?

... that's a question I receive quite often. "How do you manage Uni, your internship, part-time job, and your blog at the same time? Do you ever rest?" Well, I can certainly say that I probably spend way too much time behind my laptop to get all the things done and sorted (and watch my series), but at the end of the day, maintaining my blog really gives me a sense of fulfilment and brings me joy. Though I will admit that I do have some tools that do make my life a lot easier, and perhaps could do the same to yours.

Jot everything down like it's nobody's business (Truth.)
Use a diary, agenda, notepad or calendar: whatever you find most comfortable. Jot things down when you've got to finish certain tasks, have project deadlines, people you have to email, events you have to visit, etc etc. I find that whenever I actually write something down I'll remember it more easily and it really sorts out my thoughts, making it [my brain] less chaotic. I've got one diary for my personal life & Uni and a notepad for my blog, where I also 'file' new press releases or relevant documents (image).

Be your own cleaner
This might sound very silly, but when my desk is cluttered I don't function as well as when its tidy. All the junk, paper, products and stacks of books are just cluttering my view and distract me. I always make sure I have a tidy desk with only the essentials I need for that certain task and then I'm good to go and ready to rumble.

Music is my life
I listen to music every day and have different playlists for different settings, moods or my go-to musician/band whenever I feel down. Lately I've been loving country music (please don't think Taylor Swift) and I listen to it when I'm commuting, when I start my day and when I want to wind down in the evening. It's calming, energising and some sort of inspiring in a way – the perfect music to listen to for a productive day.

Write like Hemingway would (or not)
I've only started pre-writing and scheduling my blog posts since a year ago and it's made my life so much easier. By pre-writing it makes it possible to schedule my posts on a consistent basis and when I know I've got an important deadline coming up in a specific week, I make sure I got blog posts covered during that time. I pre-write and schedule all my posts on an app called Day One and I've got both the desktop and iOS version, which is brilliant. It gives me a clear overview of the posts I've written, post I still need to finish and posts I've got coming up. Hootsuite is great for pre-scheduling tweets, which I've been very lacking in the past months (whoops).

Your phone is smarter than you
I've got a handful apps I use to get by throughout the day. These are just my virtual assistants and notes I jot down throughout the day. I've got a ton of apps, but there are about 10 I use on a daily basis. Let me know if you'd be interested in some of the apps I got on my phone and I might do a post on that.

A few other tips are just to stay yourself and true to your voice. If you feel like you're doing this 'because you have to', then I don't think you're doing it for the right reasons —at the end of the day we should all be doing this for fun and a sense of accomplishment. What can I say, I love what I do, no matter how time consuming it is. I mean... tapping away about beauty? Heck yeah, I could do that every day, all day.

So how do you do it?



  1. I agree about being true to yourself, I don't set myself a blogging schedule and rather go with the flow! Great tips.

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  2. yes to the app chioces! i've been toying with getting Evernote but havent yet. and pre-scheduling posts is the best! i've got about a month of scheduled posts now.


    A Beautiful Zen

  3. Such a beautiful post! I struggle with the same time restrictions, and I'll have to check out the Day One app. I normally save all my blogging stuff for Sunday, but that's when I do my homework for the weekend, too. Unfortunately, juggling such a live doesn't really leave time for "fun," but, in some ways, I'm okay with that. x

  4. I am employed full-time, have a 2 hour commute, am a part-time grad student, am completing my thesis currently, and have a part-time internship. Not to mention I have a family. Scheduling my posts has been a lifesaver for me. I reward myself with writing a post after finishing an assignment. It's been a great motivator!

  5. Whoa and I thought I'm busy. I'm not keeping a regular schedule with my blog because of my other commitments. I really want to try harder though. Those are some really good tips Wengyee!

  6. That to me is the most important to remember and I'm glad I could help!

  7. Hmm, I've never really liked Evernote. Then again, I haven't really given it a fair try... I wish I had my posts pre-scheduled for a month. I'm working week by week now.

  8. Thanks love, that means a lot to me. Day One is a lifesaver – simple and hassle free to use. I tend to do most on Sunday as well, especially taking pictures. And I agree, sometimes it can be quite difficult managing both homework and writing posts, but as long as it keeps us happy, we're doing the right things ;-)

  9. You're one busy lady! Good luck with your thesis – I'm currently finishing up mine and it's been such a hectic few months working on it.

  10. It's all about juggling things and testing what works for you the best. As long as you're happy with what you're doing, then it doesn't matter (at least that's the mindset I've got). I'm so glad I could help!


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