September 29, 2014

Going SLS Free

Every know and again the beauty community discovers ingredients that are supposedly skin harming, resulting in skincare brands to change their game plan and consumers being mortified. Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea. Think parabens, mineral oil, silicones, alcohol... Another term we've seen a gazillion times is SLES or SLS, also known as the foaming agent in our skin-, body- and hair care products. At first I couldn't really be bothered with switching all my products to anything labelled as "SLS free", but after nearly 2 years, I've gone SLS free with a few exceptions and most importantly: I've noticed a big difference.


September 26, 2014

What I've Been Reading Lately

I haven't touched a book since I arrived in Leeds (I know, shocker) but before I crossed the pond, I made sure to read as many books as I could. After all, I did spend a fortune on my last book haul. I've been so impressed with all of the books that I've read in a few weeks time and I thought it'd be a pity not to share some of these with my fellow book lovers.


September 24, 2014

Waves In A Bottle

I've had super-straight-Asian hair all my life, except the time when I permed my ends two years ago (worst decision ever = damaged ends for life), so I'm always up to try a product that promises to add a bit of oomph to my 'do. Not being the greatest fan of salt sprays, I've really gotten to like them since I chopped off 12-15 cm of my hair before I left for Leeds. New town, new hair much?


September 21, 2014

This Happened (Again)

Whereas some people seek comfort in their family or beloved one, I venture into shopping. If I’m feeling sad, annoyed or just distressed — online shopping is my bestie, anywhere, anytime. So with the latest debacles: nearly homeless in Leeds, got my brows ruined and the company is milking me to the last drop in my last week, you can’t blame me for venturing to my bank-breaking way of comfort.


September 19, 2014

Castor Oil: Miracle Cure or Overrated Crap?

There were three things that I immediately did when my brows nearly got tweezed in half: I tweeted my loss, when posting I came to realise how bad they actually look sand went into a major meltdown mode, and when I finally managed to calm down, first thing I did was Google-ing "How to grow your brows back". With quite some raves on Castor Oil, I decided to give it a go. So the morning after, when I got over my self-pity, I hopped on my bike – I mean, what better way to trial its hair growth abilities when nearly every hair's been plucked?


September 14, 2014

New Kicks On The Block

I've always been a sneaker-kinda girl and own more pairs than I can count on two hands. What can I say... I had my phase. #ConfessionsOfAShopaholic Being a sneaker lover at heart, I'm always on the look for some cool kicks that are super comfy, which I recently found in my new G-Star Pitchers.


September 10, 2014

Gimme Brows

Well, how ironic. I actually planned to write this review when I still had brows, but yeah... Life's full of unexpected twists and changes. I've been using this the day I got my hands on this, and I can see why so many people love it. Simple and effective —my kinda product.


September 5, 2014

What I've Been Loving (August 2014)

Believe it or not, but I've kept my beauty usage to a bare minimum last month. My skin got a bit rough and spotty due too hormones and increased stress, but with these three little tubes it made life a bit more pleasant and soothe my skin.


September 3, 2014

Getting Ma Groove Back

August has been such a crazy time for me with lots of things happening all at the same time. I really needed the time to reflect and organise my thoughts, hence the gap between this and my last post. In the mean time, 9 out of ten has reached 500 followers! I want to thank all of you, new and old subscribers, for your support and lovely messages/tweets/[insta]grams —you guys mean the world to me.

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