September 19, 2014

Castor Oil: Miracle Cure or Overrated Crap?

There were three things that I immediately did when my brows nearly got tweezed in half: I tweeted my loss, when posting I came to realise how bad they actually look sand went into a major meltdown mode, and when I finally managed to calm down, first thing I did was Google-ing "How to grow your brows back". With quite some raves on Castor Oil, I decided to give it a go. So the morning after, when I got over my self-pity, I hopped on my bike – I mean, what better way to trial its hair growth abilities when nearly every hair's been plucked?

Ok, ok. I'm exaggerating here a bit. I didn't have to go around town with no eyebrows, but I'm not kidding when I say half's been gone. Thanks to my Dad I've always lived with bushy/thick eyebrows and a god-awful shape. After years of trial & error and some professional help (thanks HD Brows!) I finally was quite happy with what I got. Due to my laziness I seeked the help of a local 'pro' and the rest you already know...

So back to the Castor Oil. I've been rubbing it onto my brows and the areas where I wanted to stimulate hair growth religiously for 2 weeks and now I'm just rubbing it on whenever I remember to. My first verdict is that it's very nourishing and only a little is needed (or you'll end up feeling very heavy and oily, yuck). Secondly: it definitely isn't a miracle cure, however, it works. After two days of generously rubbing it on my brow area (day and night) I noticed that some hairs already grew quite a bit and after 1,5 weeks lots of baby hairs grew on the spots where hair was plucked. Conclusion: definitely a bit of an overrated miracle product, but with time and some help from Castor Oil will indeed speed up the process a little and fill the blank spaces with tiny, little, conditioned brow hairs.


Note: I have yet to try this on my lashes, but as you can imagine: my full focus is on my brows, ha.


  1. its castor oil its just awesome
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  2. i wonder if this is because you're paying more attention to your hair in general that you notice it growing 'faster'. its hard to know the counterfactual. i guess the best test would have been, shaving off your hair, and only using castor oil on one side :P yea...i'm sure EVERYONE's going to want to run and do that HAHAH


    A Beautiful Zen

  3. I'm glad you like it too, there are just so many uses for this!

  4. HA, now that's a test you could do? I jest, I jest. I get your point, but as I've been tweezing my brows for quite some years now, lots of hairs close to my brow shape simply don't grow back because of it. Also, in the past it took ages for hairs to appear and I did find that whilst rubbing on castor oil, they appeared faster and thicker.

    Obviously I can't say it was all thanks to the oil - someone should shave off both brows and use castor oil on one and let the other just grow by itself. Now that's a test I'd love to follow haha!

  5. Ok seriously the title of this post is why I read this blog!! I nearly spat my tea out :D

  6. My pleasure, always happy to cause people to spit their tea out ha! But thank you so much, you've got no idea how happy this makes me! xx


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